January thaw reveals life in the garden...hurray!

Written by Doug Oster on .

Well it's official, I've turned into a winter wimp. We only had two weeks of snow and this break in the weather has me longing for spring.

That thick layer of snow was a great insulator. I'm surprised to see so many things survive and thrive through the cold.

The little spring snowflake plant below is the perfect example. With a couple more warm days it will be in full bloom. If it gets cold again, it will just wait for spring...just like the rest of us.


Snowdrops are planted as bulbs in the spring. This one is only a couple inches tall and is planted close to the house. Photos by Doug Oster



Pansies in containers also enjoy a little protection, being planted in pots on the front porch.




The coldframe in the vegetable garden is teaming with mixed greens.



I think it's time to pick the Brussels sprouts.



One of my favorite spring bloomers. The Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis) is suppose to bloom with the crocus.



The bees head out of the hive on cleansing flights and to forage.



Melting snow on the tip of an ivy leaf.


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