Of YouTube, Network News drama and lounge suits

Written by Mackenzie Carpenter on .

Perhaps those of you who follow these things already know the big news:  You can watch Kate Middleton and Prince William plight their troth live on YouTube.

Tonight on another Tube … London’s incredibly fabulous mass transit system, people were reading all about it in the Evening Standard, a free tabloid that comes out … well… in the evening.  And according to a spokesman for William, “This is a first. YouTube tell us this is something they have never tried before."

Well, yes, that’s true, but then, YouTube wasn’t around in 1981, was it?  The Evening Standard also reports that the couple are on Facebook and are setting up a page to allow users to click on an “I’m attending” button to get hourly updates on the wedding day. 

But the best headline in tonight’s Evening Standard: 

“U.S. networks in despair as Buckingham Palace insists on wedding night lights out”

Crack reporter Jonathan Prynn’s lede is gripping: 

“Buckingham Palace is caught in a furious row with American broadcasters over plans to plunge the building into darkness at the climax of their royal wedding coverage.”

Apparently, the Palace wants the lights illuminating its facade to be switched off at 12:30 a.m. sharp, just as prime-time news begins in the U.S.

“Networks such as CBS, NBC and ABC have paid up to £50,000 to build temporary studios to cover the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, with the Queen's official residence as their backdrop. But courtiers insist the lights must be turned off just after midnight to save electricity and let royal staff sleep.”

That’s gratitude for you.  Doesn’t the Palace realize that Americans are the only ones who care about this event?

Or maybe not.  Commentary writer Alana Goodman begged to differ.

Whether the Brits really care or not, at an 11 a.m. tea break yesterday at the University College of London, several deeply traditional British ladies were nonetheless laughing at the latest news out of 10 Downing Street -- Prime Minister David Cameron will be departing from tradition on the big wedding day. 

Mr. Cameron is conservative and deeply posh (he’s a graduate of Eton, the nation’s oldest public [which means private] school, and Oxford, where he belonged to a notoriously elitist dining group called the Bullingdon Club, where he was photographed in evening clothes). 


In Austerity Britain, though, Mr. Cameron is so desperate to be perceived as a regular guy that he will not be wearing a morning suit to the service at Westminster Abbey, but, rather,  “a lounge suit.”  UPDATE ON APRIL 20: Turns out the PM will be wearing a morning suit, reports the Evening Standard Blame the misinformation on a "botched briefing by an aide."


("Lounge suit" is British-ese for just a regular suit as opposed to something with tails on it.)

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