DeJuan Blair returns for prom

Written by Mike White on .

You can bet not many NBA players come back to their high school for the prom, but DeJuan Blair did.

Blair, the former Pitt star now with the San Antonio Spurs, was at the Schenley High School prom Thursday night at the Heinz History Center in the Strip District. A few people who worked the event said Blair was tremendous, singing and dancing the night away with Schenley's students.

But here is a funny story. I was told when Blair arrived at the History Center, workers wouldn't let him in. I'm not sure if they didn't know who he was, or didn't know he went to Schenley. But he didn't make a scene. He simply called someone at the prom to get him in.

It's nice to see someone like Blair come back to an event like this at his alma mater and this was a special prom. This was the last graduating class at Schenley. The school is closing at the end of the school year. Blair didn't just show up and do nothing, either. But this isn't all that unusual. He was the emcee for Schenley's prom lineup last year at Highland Park. The picture is from Blair at the prom lineup in 2010.

Blair also sponsored some AAU basketball teams this spring and summer called "DeJuan Blair All Stars." It's nice to see a pro athlete giving back to his school and community.


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