Coach makes "Facebook" curfew .... Blair "no comment" on City League

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You've undoubtedly heard of player curfews before. A coach wants players at home at a certain time, especially the night before a game.

A football coach from Philadelphia has instituted a curfew for his team at 11 p.m. But he doesn't want his players in their home by then. He wants them off "Facebook."

That's right. A curfew for "Facebook," the social networking web site.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has the interesting story on Imhotep Charter and coach Marc Wilson, who is restricting players from posting on "Facebook" after 11 p.m. the night before the game.

Wilson told the Inquirer he made the curfew because too much trash talking goes on between players on "Facebook" and he believes it could lead to bigger problems in the game. Is he right or wrong? Well, Wilson definitely has a point. I know of some pretty bad trash talking that has gone on between high school players on Facebook. It could create some strong dislike that could cause some problems come game time.

Blair keeps to self on City joining WPIAL

Former Schenley basketball star DeJuan Blair was in town Thursday night playing for the San Antonio Spurs against the Cleveland Cavaliers in an NBA preseason game. Shooting the breeze a little with Blair before the game, I told him that the City League is seriously considering disbanding and joining the WPIAL. He hadn't heard of the idea, but I asked him of his opinion.

"That's interesting," Blair said.

I then said, "Well, what do you think? Do you think it would be a good or bad idea?"

Blair said, "I can't saying anything else. I'm going to have to no comment on this one because if I said what I really want to say, it wouldn't come off too good."

Don't know if Blair thinks it's a good or bad idea, but he obviously thought it best to keep his thoughts to himself. Maybe it was a smart move, but I'm still curious what he thinks.

By the way, here's a "then" and "now" on Blair.









Onto some other notes.

Not-so-perfect ending

It looked like the North Allegheny and North Hills football teams might have been headed for a "perfect" regular-season finale. The two were sailing along with 6-0 records. Then McDowell beat North Hills on Friday.

So, there will be no "perfect" regular-season finale, which would have been a first. Researching it a few weeks ago, I found it would have been the first time the two rivals would've met in the regular-season finale with undefeated records. However, they didn't start playing in the final game until 1980. Still, it would've been the first time in 30 years.

It did almost happen one other time. In 1996, both North Allegheny and North Hills started the season with 7-0 records. But North Allegheny was upset by Woodland Hills in the mud in the eighth game of the season. The following week, North Allegheny turned around and beat previously undefeated North Hills. It was a game that featured two future NFL players - North Hills' LaVar Arrington and North Allegheny's Mike McMahon.

You know that famous play Arrington pulled off at Penn State against Illinois that was called the "LaVar Leap?" Well, he did it before he got to Penn State. He did the same thing against North Allegheny, pulling down McMahon as soon as he snapped the ball. And Arrington also did it earlier in the season against Seneca Valley on a fourth-down play.

Winning and losing streaks

Clairton's winning streak is now at 22 games, the longest in the state. But did you know there is a team in Pennsylvania that has lost close to 50 games in a row? Ouch. A-C Valley has lost 46 in a row.

Girl kicks 43-yarder

Alana Gaither of Firestone High in Akron kicked a 43-yard field goal recently, according to Dave Krider of She has made three other field goals this year of 37, 34 and 32 yards.

Render, Whaley on "The Fan"

The_Fan_webOn the "Post-Gazette High School Show" yesterday on The Fan (93.7), our guests were Upper St. Clair coach Jim Render and former Upper St. Clair star Doug Whaley, who is now assistant general manager of the Buffalo Bills.

You can listen to Render's interview here. He had some interesting comments, especially at about the 4:20 mark of the interview, he tells of how parents do too much for their kids nowadays, and he relates a story of how he didn't particularly like it recently when one of his assistant coaches wanted to go to his daughter's open house at school right after practice. Render said he threw a Woody Hayes line at the assistant. Funny stuff, but it shows how Render is very much old school.

Doug Whaley is a former player under Render. In our "Talking with a Legend" segment, Whaley spoke about how his high school days affected him greatly and about how he felt it was time to leave the Steelers organization and take the job with the Bills this year.


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