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Penn State is now showing interest in McKeesport lineman Delvon Simmons.

Delvon__Simmons_webSimmons (pictured to the left) and McKeesport teammate Branden Jackson visited Rutgers two weekends ago, but Simmons said he is "very open" as far as making a decision. He added that Penn State is now showing interest. Remember, Penn State has only four recruits from the class of 2011 so far.

"They might offer a scholarship," Simmons said.

Simmons also said Oregon also has started to recruit him. "Oregon is going to come and see me. After they see me, they might offer," Simmons said.

Most schools seem to like Simmons as a defensive lineman, but Texas Tech offered him as an offensive lineman. He has said he wouldn't mind going far from home.

His teammate, Jackson, visted Texas Tech a few weeks ago. Simmons said there is a possibility the two could end up at the same school, but Simmons also made it clear that they are not a package deal.

Basketball recruiting

More and more teams are getting interested in North Allegheny junior basketball player Anthony Dallier. A 6-foot-5 guard-forward, Dallier was invited to the University of Michigan a few weekends ago for an unofficial visit. Duquesne already has offered a scholarship. Penn State and a few others are interested.

Some lower Division I schools also are starting to show interest in North Allegheny junior guard J.C. Howard. A lot of people don't know much about Howard because he was slowed last season while recovering from an injury.

"We haven't had a workout this fall when there has not been a Division I coach there," said North Allegheny coach Dave DeGregorio.

State rankings

Rankings, rankings, rankings. We've got rankings.

Here are the Post-Gazette state football rankings after the fifth week of the season.

Here are the Pennsylvania Football News state rankings.

Here are Maxpreps' national rankings.

24 players out for Sto-Rox

Fortunately for Sto-Rox, the Vikings don't have a tough game this week against South Side Beaver. But without 24 players, Sto-Rox might have a much tougher time than usual.

A new academic policy at Sto-Rox has made 24 players ineligible for Saturday's game. Under the policy, a student is ineligibile for extracurricular activities if the student has lower than a C in any core class.

I'm having a hard time making sense out of why Sto-Rox's school board did this. The athletic director, the coach and even teachers in the district don't  like the idea. I don't know if any other school in the WPIAL has such a policy. These academic standards are much higher than the PIAA minimum. There are schools with 2.0 policies, but this isn't a 2.0 policy. It's all C's in core courses. Get this: Sto-Rox athletic director Bill Palermo said one player has two As, a B and one D in four core classes. That's a 3.0 average, isn't it? But the player is ineligible because of the D.

Sto-Rox coach Ron Butschle said he is all for holding his players to a higher academic standard, but believes this rule isn't fair. Palermo called it "ridiculous." Many residents in Sto-Rox have been outspoken against it.

Butschle said a number of the ineligible players are starters. If the players raise their grades, they can regain eligibility next week.

About Rippy

Speaking of Sto-Rox, Viking linebacker Deaysean Rippy is getting a lot of attention from big-time Division I colleges. This is not a rip job. You can't do that to high school players. But just a little commentary. After seeing Rippy play last week, I think he has a ways to go before he can be considered one of the top linebackers in the country. He has terrific athletic ability and good size (6-2, 220). But if he is going to be ranked so high on the national level, he should dominate games, especially at the Class A level. He doesn't do that. Other coaches say the same thing.

But Rippy does have a lot of potential. Let's hope he reaches it. He is only a junior.

How did they allow 91?

I'm still scratching my head how Franklin lost to Grove City, 91-12, a few weeks ago. Since then, Franklin has lost two more, but the scores were only 34-15 and 50-8 to DuBois and Oil City. OK, so giving up 50 is a lot. But 91?

In tribute to Tarquinio

On Saturday night, Beaver dedicated a seven-foot wall in the end zone to former coach Pat Tarquinio, who is the third winningest coach in WPIAL history. The wall has a likeness of Tarquinio. It's a nice move for a legendary coach, and a good man.

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