Consol Energy Center should host WPIAL hoops finals

Written by Mike White on .

I'm just sayin

It seems there is plenty of excitement about the new Consol Energy Center - and rightly so. It seems like a terrific place.

Now here is my proposal for Consol Energy Center administration: Call WPIAL Executive Director Tim O'Malley and offer to host the WPIAL basketball championships in March.

Of course, the Consol folks might have to figure out a way to give a sweetheart deal to the WPIAL. Both the WPIAL and PIAA haven't exactly raked in the dough the past two years. There is probably no way the WPIAL could pay more than it does to rent the Palumbo Center.

But c'mon, Consol folks. It would make you guys look good. So many people have great memories of the WPIAL basketball tournament at the old Civic Arena and playing host to the WPIAL basketball finals would be great for everyone involved. I just checked the Penguins schedule and there are no home games March 4-5, the days of the WPIAL basketball finals. Hopefully there is no concert or other event planned. Even if there is, I say play some championship games there on Sunday, March 6 if needed.

And please. I don't want to hear about how Consol would look empty with only a few thousand fans at a few games. So what. That's not the point. The point is how games at Consol would be great for the players and the fans. I bet the crowds would be bigger this year just because people would want to see games there. The first year the WPIAL had games at Heinz Field, attendance was more than 35,000, the largest ever for the four games.

Maybe this could only be a one-year deal, but it would be worth it for everyone involved for one year.

Here you go, Consol folks: 412-921-7181. That's the phone number for the WPIAL offices.

A book for high school football fans

If you're a serious high school football fan who would like to have every team's schedule in the state; or see every all-state football team ever picked; or read the list of every NFL player from Pennsylvania; or see every coach who has won 200 games; or read every Big 33 roster; Pa_football_news_for_webor want to know state and national records; then you need to get the 2010 Pennsylvania Football News Resource Guide.

It is put together by Rich Vetock and Tom Elling, who run the Pennsylvania Football News web site. They do a terrific job with this guide. It's 435 pages. It's amazing the amount of research they do for the guide.

The guide is for sale for $21, plus $4 for shipping. Here is a link to order the guide.

Sad story

Former Aliquippa quarterback Stephen Hardy was shot and killed recently in Beaver Falls. Post-Gazette colleague Paul Zeise said today a few Pitt players from Aliquippa were excused from practice time to attend a viewing.

Next week's blog

A future blog note: I'll be going to high school football practices next week, at least two a day, and give reports on teams, players and other noteworthy things.





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