Vacation time

Written by Mike White on .

Well folks, it is vacation time for me. I am headed out of the Burgh to Las Vegas for a week or so with my lady.


My checklist is as follows:

1. Spiderman Arm Floaties  


2. Zinc for protection from the sun   



3. A swimsuit

4. Straight cash, homey



5. Comfortable walking shoes



6. More straight cash, homey



Alright, I think I have everything I need.

It will be a nice respite and when I get back, it will be time to really get down to business, working to make this year's high school football preview section even better than last year's high school football preview section

I'll be back in town next Sunday, July 27 and I'll bring you up to speed on how my trip went then and also get back rolling with these daily blog posts.

Oh, and one more thing for all the people who have been whispering about this, hear me now:

I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED ON THIS TRIP TO LAS VEGAS. I have read enough Norman Chad to know that putting off marriage for as long as possible is probably the right move. So, I won't be paying a visit to the place pictured below, or any such establishment.



See you on the 27th.




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