Quarterback's struggling......

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Day three of Pitt practice was fairly non-eventful, though that's not a surprise given that the team has not yet gotten into full pads.

However, one disturbing trend that has begun to develop is this - the quarterbacks have not played very well. In fact, it looks to the casual observer that they have regressed since the spring.  True it is only three days of practice, true they've yet to scrimmage but the bottom line is, they have to play better, scratch that, much better than they have, particularly since they all have some degree of experience in Matt Cavanaugh's system.

Bill Stull got things started on the wrong foot this morning with an inconsistent session but you have to figure he'll get it together as he is a smart kid, a tough kid and he is generally an accurate passer. The guys behind him, however, I'm not so sure. 

Kevan Smith has struggled with his accuracy and consistency going back to the spring. Pat Bostick still needs to develop some arm strength and his accuracy has seemingly gotten worse, not better. And Greg Cross, while he is capable of being a nice change of pace, needs to show he can beat someone with his arm as well as his legs or the Wildcat will become just another goofy formation with a predictable -- and thus ultimately not successful -- outcome.

Again, it is early, but so far the struggles of the quarterbacks -- struggles which have not gone unnoticed by the head coach  -- have begun to be a bit of a developing storyline.

On a more positive note -- freshmen Jared Holley, Jonathan Baldwin and Chris Burns have so far proven worthy of their hype as all three have shown some flashes in the first few days of camp.

Greg Cross: This guy can run, can he pass?

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