I'm Bob Huggins, and I'm running a campaign for a practice gym

Written by Paul Zeise on .

While we're on the subject of basketball, West Virginia coach Bob Huggins was stumping in Fairmont, W.Va., and talked at length about the $25 million practice facility that is making glacial progress toward construction.

He was quoted thusly in the Times-West Virginian today:

“I’m out getting money for the practice facility and the way I count, we’re at about $22 and a half million. . . . None of the people making these decisions ever goes out and raises any money. But still no earth has turned.
“The reality is, we’ve done an unbelievably wonderful job with football, and they deserve everything they’ve gotten. But the Coliseum hasn’t changed since 1970. It’s the same as it was when I went in there [as a player] in 1975.We’re not very fan friendly.
“We don’t move very damn fast. To get something done, it’s always painstaking. But we’re going to get it done. I promise you that. We’re going to make it fun. And the most fun will come in watching us beat those people who have beaten us all these years.”

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