Are We Having Fun Yet?

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Luke Fickell interviewed with Pitt.

One report said he has been offered the job.

He said he did has indeed had contact with Pitt and is interested in the job but no formal interview.

And Pitt of course put out a statement which read "No candidate has been offered the job" or something like that.

Mario Cristobal interviewed with Pitt.

His people claims he did not yet, he, himself, will not talk to the media about coaching rumors.....

One person, in fact, went so far as to reach out and wanted to tell me we all have it all wrong, that he is a Pitt fan in Miami and indeed saw Steve Pederson in Miami but he swears he saw Pederson meeting with Randy Shannon and not Cristobal....all of which would be fine, except, the dude lives north of Tampa ( is a wonderful resource) and his story didn't add up, even a little.

That's not to say Randy Shannon couldn't become a candidate but at this point, this is all getting silly and though he is admired by Steve Pederson, I haven't had anyone credible tell me he's involved with this job....

Coaching searches are really fun aren't they?

Well, not really, they are more like a lot of frustration because, like I said last year, everyone is lying to you. But the bottom line is we continue to move forward and try to solve this puzzle the best we can.

And here is what we know...

There are three identified candidates so far - Cristobal, Fickell and Paul Chryst from Wisconsin. Cristobal and Fickell seem to be the leading candidates - especially now that Pitt's original top choice, Paul Rhoads, is off the board - but Chryst is now set to interview (as the other two already have) so maybe he'll turn the discussion his way with a strong interview.

Anything beyond that is speculation at this point - there is a "Footballscoop" rumor that Pat Narduzzi from Michigan State interviewed, but I can't confirm it and Northern Illinois Dave Doeren is supposed to have an interview set up by I can't pin it down yet - but I will keep grinding to try and follow this saga the best I can.

The bad news is, the best coaches on the board, Ed Generro, head coach of the Texas State Armadillos and Sam Winters, head coach of the Eastern State Timberwolves, have both signed contract extensions and will not be coming to Pitt.

Generro, did, however, offer Steve Pederson a suggestion - hire one of is former quarterbacks, Paul Blake, as he is ready to be a head coach and Winters told Pederson that one of his ex-players, defensive end Steve Lattimer, would be a great choice as he is a passionate and fiery defensive genius and has some extraordinary motivational tactics, like putting his forehead through the side windows of cars in the trucks while yelling "place at the table...."

OK, it has been a really long day and I'm ready to get some rest....

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