Alecxih - "Utah is a Dirty Team"

Written by Paul Zeise on .

EJ Borghetti did his best to coach up the players who came into the interview room so as to make sure they showed a "united" front and didn't point fingers, etc., etc. Both quarterbacks were not made available to the media today and it was clear there was more "kumbaya" being sung by the players - real or forced - than at any youth group retreat I ever attended when I was a kid....

It is annoying, but hey, that's his job and he does it well so I give him lots of credit, but it is nice that every so often, after a loss like this one, frustration boils over and one of the players goes off script and today, that would be defensive tackle Chas Alecxih, who was clearly annoyed by the loss, by the fact that the special teams and defense played well enough to win and the team lost and also by Utah left tackle John Cullen, who, was penalized 15-yards for a personal foul after the whistle for "cheap shotting" (his words, not mine) Alecxih late in the game.

Alecxih said that he wasn't surprised by the cheap shot because Utah is a dirty team and he was happy that the Panthers at least showed more class than the Utes and didn't retaliate or respond with cheap shots of their own.

Don't believe me, let's take a listen.....

"That's as mad as I've ever felt in my college career," Alecxih said. "77's [Cullen] fat ass came up and cheap shotted me when we were at the end of the game. If I wasn't in such control of myself, I would have hit him back. He waited until after the play then came up and hit me in the blind side.

"He was a dirty player, hey, it was a physical game and they came to play. We watched them on film and we knew they were pretty dirty and we knew they'd keep coming at us after the play so we just prepared ourselves for it."

Alecxih said the Utes were cutting legs, hitting after the whistle and doing things that aren't within the spirit of the rules of good, clean competition.

"I guess some teams do that and some teams think it gives them an advantage so I am really glad that we got out of there with no injuries," Alecxih said.

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