Day Six of Camp Part One-Saturday Special (Teams)

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Happy Saturday everyone, hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend but I’m also glad you stopped by for what is a rather brief update from the South Side.

I promise I’m not being lazy, it’s just that there’s only so much to observe in one hour, which is all the time the media had today to watch practice. It’s hard to say how everyone looked. That being said, here’s what I spied with my hazel eye.

**Just like the past few days, things started with special teams. Fifth year senior Buddy Jackson was taking the kicks for the first unit and was clearly fine after being sidelined yesterday with cramps.

Ray Graham received with the second unit, so it seems very likely we will see him returning some kicks this year if Todd Graham deems it necessary.

**As for the guys with the soccer cleats, freshman Michael Beckman and fifth year senior punter/kicker Chris Yankoski were the ones sending the all downfield while Kevin Harper stayed inside in the first part of the practice to kick field goals. I’m not really sure why he wasn’t outside, but I’m assuming he came out in the second hour.

**Though Greg Williams was back in pads after missing yesterday with cramps, redshirt Freshman Todd Thomas (below) was seeing time with the first team at the spur position during the only team session of the first hour. "I'd say those guys are battling for it," said Todd Graham. "I'd say those guys are leading for that position. It should be interesting."


**Linebacker Shane Gordon sat out yet another practice following Wednesday's collision with Ray Graham. Todd Graham said that they held him out of practice today as a precausion despite Gordon saying he was good to go for today's workout.

**The only exciting play (at least that I saw) of the practice came from the third team, as freshman quarterback Trey Anderson connected with sophomore Brandon Felder on a deep post for a long score.

**After practice Todd Graham did mentioned that we missed Ed Tinker turn a quick hitch route into an 80-yard touchdown. It's plays like that, said Graham, that this team needs, as he pointed yards after carry as an important factor in the offense's success this season.

**It seems like Todd Graham has his top three receivers set, as the three S’s (Shanahan, Street and Saddler) line up with the first team on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean we won’t see at least three more faces regularly this season, as Salath Williams, Ronald Jones and Ed Tinker all looking good and getting time in with Tino Sunseri and the first team. I’ll have more on the wide receiver situation in tomorrow’s Post-Gazette.

That’s all for now, folks. There’s a second practice tonight at 7, which we also only get an hour of viewing time for, but I’ll post another quick update afterwards. I’ll see you then and have a great day out there.

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