Is Pitt a Reservoir for the Malcontents?

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Is Pitt becoming a reservoir for the malcontents from other programs?

It sure seems that way, particularly if the latest rumors about Gateway's Dorian Bell and Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert are true  -- in a nutshell both are allegedly considering a transfer to Pitt, though it sounds like Bell is a lot closer to a decision (it sounds to me like he could be staying in Columbus, or at least wants to stay Columbus, though he is currently suspended from the team) than Gabbert -- and both decide to come to Pitt.

If that would come to pass, that would be - at least by my count - five transfers at Pitt, which is a lot in one season (Cullen Christian and Ray Vinopal from Michigan have already decided to transfer from Michigan to Pitt and Brenden Felder left North Carolina to come to Pitt).

And I don't know if this is a good thing or good way to build a program, particularly since we have heard far more about transfers - which means generally means they are guys who either did not fit in, were not good enough, were not happy or in Bell's case were suspended at their old spot - than actual recruits and recruits are the foundation of a successful program.

It would be interesting to see if Bell did decide to transfer to Pitt, how Todd Graham would weigh that development (the decision to take a guy who has been suspended multiple times at his current school) with all of the "winning with character" stuff we've heard all spring.

Now, here's the thing - there are some examples, like Brandon Miree, David Priestly, Josh Cummings and Nick Goings - of guys who transferred to Pitt and turned into players -- and it looks like Hubie Graham may be a very nice addition-- but for the most part, transfers have traditionally added very little and some have been more trouble than they were worth.

So that is not to say these guys won't add anything and ultimately won't turn into good players, but the bottom line is a coach has to be very careful to not take too many of those guys because they can actually hold a program back.

** One item of note about some administrative changes - Tony Gibson is now the secondary coach (as opposed to just the cornerbacks coach) and will be the pass defense coordinator and Randall McCray, who coached safeties initially, will now coach outside linebackers.

This move was actually unofficially made about halfway through spring drills but apparently Todd Graham just got around to announcing it officially today.

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