Wrapping up Pitt's Draft

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Silly me - I made a few phone calls after the draft was over Saturday to try and find out who some of the guys that went undrafted - like Dom DeCicco - signed with.

Of course, I was left quite red-faced when one of them reminded me that there is a lockout and thus teams are not allowed to sign free agents until it is over.

So all of those guys are in limbo right now which begs the question - did Henry Hynoski make a huge mistake in leaving early?

I mean, he went undrafted and he had to know that might have been a possibilty and this year, of all years, was a bad year to go undrafted because of the looming lockout. But by the same token - it wasn't his fault that he got hurt at the combine and had that not happened, I'm sure he would have gotten drafted.

So I think it is hard to say he made a mistake because he made the choice that he thought was right for him at the time. And remember this, coming back to school is not a guarantee that you are going to improve your draft stock - just ask Greg Romeus.

Hynoski spoke to his local paper, the News Item, and in typical Henry fashion, he took it with his chin up and while disappointed, he is not discouraged and is ready to take the next step. He will obviously sign with a team, but it is a waiting game for him now and obviously he is a guy who is easy for anyone to root for to do well because he is such a class act, work so hard and plays the game the right way.

Anyway - we talked about Jabaal Sheard and Jon Baldwin on the days they were picked so here are the other four players who were hoping to be drafted:

Dion Lewis (5th Round, Pick 18, 149 overall, Philadelphia Eagles) - Lewis probably had something a little better in mind when he decided to leave school early, but hey, he's going to have another former Pitt guy - LeSean McCoy - to show him the ropes. He will have a chance to play some in that offense and frankly, like McCoy, if he is productive his second contract will be a nice big one.

Jason Pinkston (5th Round, Pick 19, 150 overall, Cleveland Browns) - Of all the Pitt guys, Pinkston is the one that surprised me the most because I really thought he'd go before the fifth round. He is a very good pass blocker, he is athletic and because he basically lost three offseasons of winter strength and conditioning, he has a very high upside in terms of strength. He also can play both outside at tackle and inside at guard. I think Pinkston can be a good pro if he commits to getting into the weight room and working hard on getting stronger.

Greg Romeus (7th Round, Pick 23, 226 overall, New Orleans Saints) - OK, I hate "draftnik geek talk" but I have go there -- this could be the STEAL OF THE DRAFT!!!!!! I know, maybe a bit overboard but the bottom line is the Saints got a guy who had a first round grade before the season and got him in the 7th round when most teams were reaching for every warm body they could find. Romeus is obviously still on the road to recovery from an ACL tear, but if he gets healthy and he gets himself together, the Saints will have a very nice addition to their defensive line and they will get him extremely cheap.

Dom DeCicco (Not drafted) - DeCicco knew it would be a bit of a longshot for him to get drafted because he didn't go to the combine but he is much better off than any of the players who got picked in the 7th round for this reason - he can find a team that he has a legitimate shot to make based on the depth chart at his position. DeCicco is smart, he is a real football player, he is tough and he can play three positions and he can also play special teams so he will certainly sign with someone and have a legitimate shot to make a roster.

Of course, as one person in the comments section pointed out - how does a team with seven legitimate NFL prospects go 7-5 in a conference as bad as the Big East was last year?

It does make you wonder....

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