The Big Chips Begin to Fall

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Last night I outlined six players to watch for today to determine just how good this class is. So far, four of them have made a decision. Five of the six are local players so Mike White, our high school writer, has done a great job of tracking them at the high school blog. 

Also, we are still waiting to find out about Michael Eubank as I have yet to see any information on him. Pitt also appears to have picked up another receiver, Justin Jackson, from Alabama, who is not rated and had no other offers, so I don't know much about him. At any rate, that is 18 new players (20 if you count the prep school and junior college kids already on campus). Of those 18, by the way, Pitt has received letters from them all so the school is not waiting for any of them.

Now I am off to Heinz Field to hear what Todd Graham has to say......

But Pitt thus far is 1-of-5 (sounds like Eubank won't  be headed here so it will soon be 1-of-6) with the "Big Six"...

** Branden Jackson, DE, McKeesport - Within last half hour announced he is signing with....Texas Tech. A bit of a surprise as a lot of people around him thought he was headed to Pitt. Interesting, that in the end, he decided to go to Texas Tech, but such is life.

** Delvon Simmons, DT, McKeesport - Not a real shocker, but he's headed to North Carolina. I never got the impression that Pitt was ever seriously in it but his recruitment was all over the map - literally and figuratively - and so it was just sort of a wait and see.

** Desimon Green, DE, Clairton - A real shocker, Green signed with Texas Tech. I'll be honest, I and most people that followed this recruitment are surprised, very surprised, that he is not a Pitt Panther this morning. This is a tough one to lose, not because I think he is a program changer, but because he is a kid right in the backyard that Pitt seemed to really have a grip on, even after the previous staff was fired.

** LaFayette Pitts, CB, Woodland Hills - This is an example of a coach going "all-in" to get a kid and given what high school he goes to - and how many players it produces - they better not have oversold what they can actually deliver. Pitts told Mike White they will let him play both ways, even take some snaps in a wildcat package and play some slot receiver. They also offered his cousin, Jevonte Pitts, a scholarship even though he wasn't ever on their radar until Lafayette Pitts flipped to Rutgers and he is almost a definite candidate for prep school. Again, it is a great job getting this kid and keeping him home but hopefully he justifies all the fuss.

** Ejuan Price, LB, Woodland Hills - Pitt did a great job to get in the door with him late and make him consider the Panthers, but in the end he decided to stick with Ohio State. That's a tough one because he could really help at a position of need but there are a lot of good players out there and Pitt will find them.

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