Holgorsen Will Not be Next Head Coach

Written by Paul Zeise on .

* Interesting developments in the carousel of coaching.......According to a very good source - and believe me, sources are always very sketchy but this one has never steered me wrong -- Dana Holgorsen will not be the next head coach of Pitt.

That's all I can write about it now, I'll have more later and I can say it with confidence - Holgorsen is not going to be the head coach at Pitt, pass it on to all who care.

Now that I have a few more minutes, let me say this --- these stories change from day to day to day to day so don't jump off a bridge about it because there are a lot of very good coaches out there and the most important thing is finding the right fit.

There is no hurry, you'd rather get the right guy than the wrong guy and from what I understand Holgorsen was lot less serious of a candidate than maybe it first seemed. He appears to be on the wish list of several other schools.

And know this, there are a lot of reasons why certain guys are not a good fit and others are - you just never know and from everything we've been told about Holgorsen, I didn't know how he would fit here.

Al Golden, made perfect sense, from the standpoint of, he is a lot more along the lines of what they are looking for in their coach - in personality, in experience, in the way he carries himself, in the fact that he wears a tie to work every day and is a clean cut, family guy - all of those non-coaching areas that are so important to this University.

Holgorsen is obviously going to find a spot and I think he'll be a good head coach, but it will have to be a spot that is the right fit.

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