Sideways Passes in the Red Zone.....

Written by Paul Zeise on .

.....should be banned from football. That's all I have to say, thanks for listening.

My goodness, I've been sick in bed all week with a really tough bout of the flu and bronchitis, I'm all doped up on antibiotics, Nyquil and am puffing an inhaler just to try and breathe and I can assure you - -thanks to the combinaiton of medicine and this snoozefest of a game, I've had a hard time keeping myself awake the last few hours.

Of course, judging from tens of thousands of empty yellow seats at Heinz Field today, there must be an epidemic of the flu going around right now with a lot of people who are even sicker than me because I at least managed to drag myself out of bed in order to come cover this game.

Also, big thanks to Ray Fittipaldo for filling in for me this week and with the bye next week hopefully I'll be back on my feet at full strength for Connecticut week.

At any rate, my first half thoughts:

** This game has been a classic example of the Panthers overthinking things, getting cute and trying to confuse Louisville and instead killing their own drives.

That last drive right before the half, we saw a double reverse which had no chance of working, at least one, if not two of these play action throws to a tailback which haven't fooled Louisville. Then on second-and-7 from the Louisville 11 -- the sideways pass is called and is blown up.

Tino Sunseri then misses Mike Shanahan in the endzone - the throw was behind Shanahan - and to finish off the sequence Dan Hutchins shanks a chip shot field goal.

Here is a suggestion, stop trying to be cute and run the ball and go back to your basic passing game, without all the presnap guys going in motion.

** Henry Hynoski appears to have some sort of an injury - they are saying slight concussion - so Chris Mike has been playing fullback.

** The defense is playing well after struggling on the first drive. Louisville came out in a no-huddle, spread thing and threw a ton of bubble screens and Pitt did a nice job adjusting and holding them to a field goal. Still, you get the feeling Pitt needed to score some more points in the first half because the longer the Cardinals hang around....

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