Loss at USF: The complete rehash

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

By Colin Dunlap | 11:20 a.m. Sunday

TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, GATE C34 --  Just finally had a chance to go back through the play-by-play from last night's 30-19 loss.

This punt from the 33 yard line is something that jumps out at me as something curious, very curious. At the time, West Virginia was within a score -- down just 8 points -- and, I don't know, it is something that I might have to ask about this week.

There were, though, bigger issues.

The most glaring: Keith Tandy. The guy had a rough night. There are a lot of people screaming for Pat Miller or maybe even Kent Richardson. I guess the way the coaches are looking at it is this: If they bench Tandy, and Miller and/or Richardson come in and does poorly, they might have lost Tandy forever, and might not be able to go back to him. In benching him, they might demoralize him so much, he could be useless.

Who knows. All I know is the kid had a rough night and at some level -- whether it is with the player, head coach or assistant -- there needs to be accountability.

   Overall grade I give WVU against South Florida --- D


Some audio:

Robert Sands speaks about USF QB BJ Daniels:


Jim Leavitt and BJ Daniels press conferences here: USF PRESS CONFERENCES

Some quick facts about the USF loss:

  • WVU's safety on the last play of the first quarter marked the first time WVU recorded a safety since Cincinnati quarterback Tony Pike took a knee in the end zone last season on Nov. 8 in Morgantown.

  • Tyler Bitancurt's 33-yard field goal in the second quarter was his seventh of the season.

  • Julian Miller's sack of B.J. Daniels in the fourth quarter was his team leading fifth-and-a-half sack this season.

  • Jarrett Brown's 244 yards of total offense against the Bulls marked his seventh career game of 200 yards of total offense and fifth this season. It was his fifth-best career output.


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