The Kansas run game

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Kansas has had some success this season running the football, despite the team's 1-10 record.

That, the West Virginia coaching staff is well aware of.

The Jayhawks are No. 2 in rushing offense in the Big 12, amassing 216.6 yards a game and have relied on the tandem of James Sims and Tony Pierson.

But they have also used various formations, and that has been the source of some long days this week, said defensive coordinator Joe DeForest.

Ultimately the success of WVU's defense will come down to significant amount of sideline adjustments on Saturday afternoon.

DC Joe DeForest:

“It’s funny each week they come up with a different offense. A different formation. Now that they’ve had two weeks to prepare for us we’re going to have to make a lot of sideline adjustments early in the game. Against Oklahoma (they had a) different game plan. Against Iowa State different game plan. Baylor different game plan. Tech. Totally different formations. So you’re preparing for five different offenses basically. But once you find out what they’re doing they stick with it pretty much.”

"It’s pretty unique. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a week where you have to prepare for so many different things. (We'll) remind them there’s going to be something we haven’t seen in practice they’re going to come out with and we have to make a sideline adjustment. We’re aware of it, we‘ve just got to do the best we can and let the fundamentals of the defense take over no matter what they come out of."

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