Holgorsen: "We're not playing the Big 12, we're playing Baylor."

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

Dana Holgorsen has mentioned many, many times how little he's talked about the Big 12 to his team since the team first found out nearly a year ago they would be leaving the Big East for greener pastures.

Today, he recounted how he felt that afternoon on the campus of Rutgers in New Jersey as news ticked across the bottom of the TV screen that it was official.

Why? Well it's finally here. West Virginia will host Baylor on Saturday at noon, marking the team's first ever Big 12 conference game.

"I specifically remember that Friday we were about to do our walk-through and it came across the TV that we were going to the Big 12 and everyone was excited about it but me....So we gathered the team together and we said, at one point we’re going to start talking about the Big 12. This is not the time we’re going to talk about the Big 12, and we focused those guys and we went up and won a game at Rutgers."

Then Holgorsen went on to explain how when the season ended everybody wanted to continue talking about the Big 12, but how the team just tried to just focus on the football team, and what the football team  needed to do to get better.


"Now the Big 12 is upon us, and the biggest questions are what are you going to do different? Well, we are really not going to do a whole lot different. I think over the course of time, West Virginia, our football team, and everyone else will get more familiar with the Big 12 and the Big 12 will get familiar with West Virginia. But I think it is going to take games for that to happen. This Saturday marks the first game that this is going to happen, and we are excited about it and we are excited about the future of West Virginia football."

He then went on to explain how it is the job of the coaching staff to get the team ready for Baylor while making it seem like a regular week.

Which sets up the best quote of the day:

“We’re not playing the Big 12. We’re playing Baylor.”

At noon on Saturday.

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