Gold-Blue spring game scoring system

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

West Virginia pre-sold about 3,000 tickets for the Gold-Blue spring game, but was projecting to draw anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 fans.

It’s a raw 51 degrees with a light rain coming down and the tailgating lots are certainly not overflowing out there.

Game time: 6 p.m.


The scoring system for the Gold Spring Game is as follows:

Offense: scores as usual.

Touchdown: 6 points

Field goal: 3 points

2-point conversion: 2 points

Extra point: 1 point


Touchdown: 6 points

Three-and-out: 5 points

Drive stop: 3 points

Fumble recovery: 3 points

Interception: 3 points


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