Punting woes

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After losing his job five games into the season, punter Corey Smith (pictured left) could get it back again.

Mike Molinari (right) shanked a pair of punts in the team’s loss to Louisville last week – twice giving the Cardinals a shorter than ideal field to work with.

Dana Holgorsen said rather tersely after that game if his team needed to punt again he would’ve gone to Smith.

This week, after thinking about it some more, he clarified what options are on the table.

“We probably would have gone with Corey. He’s done a nice job of hanging in there. He’s kicking off really well. His kickoffs were really good. He’s continued to practice and get better.”

That said, he also said he won’t just “pull the plug” on Molinari without giving the kid the week to practice.

“I think everyone would be in the same assumption that everybody’s pretty happy with what Mike Molinari did for seven games. The kid did a great job. He came from nowhere and did a great job. He had a bad day, which doesn't mean I’m going to pull the plug on him, but it means that he’s got to get back to work.

“We’ll go (Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday and try to figure out who gives us the best position to flip the field.



Will Holgorsen just bring 55 players to Cincinnati this week?

Sounds like he’s hoping to light a fire under these guys, provoke some reaction from the team’s leaders and leave behind anyone who doesn’t seem on board.

Note what Holgorsen says in this quote below about trying to win the Big East still. (He said this yesterday) A loss at Cincy and kiss that goodbye.

“It’s a lot like it was two weeks ago when we got beat up by Syracuse and we came back and played against Rutgers good enough to win. It’s a lot like that. Our goal is to win the Big East. We’re hanging on to that hope. We need to win this week in order for that to happen. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re trying to stay in the same routine and do the same thing every week. We’re trying to obtain, as a program, to be here a long time and to get to the point that this isn’t about thinking that we can get up one week then not get up the other week.”

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