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Got some figures this morning from WVU on beer sales from Sunday's opener against Marshall. beermug

Sales ended with 7:30 to play in the third quarter, which wound up being two minutes, 31 seconds before the first lightning evacuation. Meaning beers were not available for purchase during the more than four hours of game delays.

Beer only sales: $160,656 gross
Net to University: $ 75,781 and 11 cents
Gross catering sales (not including beer): $548,000* a record setting figure for a game day

Other concessions:
  • 21,811 bottles of beer were sold ($7 each)
  • 10 kegs of draft sales were used ($9 for craft beer draft)
  • 79 designated drivers signed up for the first game
  • 18,803 bottles of water were sold
  • 8,908 cups of frozen lemonade were sold
  • 8,999 souvenir cups of sodas were sold
  • 2, 906 regular bottles of soda were sold
AD Oliver Luck said he thought the first day of beer sales went well, from a safety and game-enjoyment angle: "The public safety folks thought things went very smoothly. I’m sure the gullywasher that came through helped in the sense that some people left. That all I think worked pretty well. Logistically, I got no reports of 15-minute lines for the restroom. Those things are important. I think by and large that piece went pretty well."
Here's Sunday's story about beer sales, in case you missed it.

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