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QUESTION: Could it be the best thing if he doesn't play soon for Pat Lazear to get a redshirt? Is he able to get a redshirt?

- Pete in Charleston, W.Va.

COLIN DUNLAP: In my opinion, yes. If Pat Lazear isn't in there on Saturday -- and I am of the thinking that he won't be -- it might be time to seriously consider going that route. Also, according to his bio in the media guide, in 2007 it says, "One of six true freshman to play." That means in '07 he used his freshman eligibility, in '08 his sophomore eligibility, last season his junior eligibility so, yes, he could redshirt this season and come back next season as his senior year. And another thing (kind of off subject) I've been kicking around: Isn't the term "true freshman" one that is redundant? If you just say "freshman" and then "redshirt freshman" those are the two categories you need.


QUESTION: There has been some mixed signals. What uniforms are the teams wearing?

- Mike in Clarksburg, W.Va.

CD: West Virginia is wearing all blue; LSU is wearing all white. At least that is what is the plan right now.


QUESTION: I think we should attack Patrick Peterson.

- Matt in Waynesburg, Pa.

CD: That is sort of like saying, "I think we should go for a swim in the shark tank at the Pittsburgh Zoo." Bad idea to plan on doing it. If the game works out where it becomes a must, OK. But I think it might be the wrong direction to take to "attack" a player who is that gifted.


QUESTION: Who could be some of West Virginia's unsung hereos against LSU?

- Beth in Greenbelt, Md.

CD: This might sound strange, but guys such as Eain Smith, Brantwon Bowser, Lawrence Smith, Eddie Davis and the other athletic and quick guys on those kick coverage units who can get down there and stop Patrick Peterson. When you have a return man who is that good, it might not be a return for a touchdown that only changes the game, but a long one that swings the field in the opposition's favor. So, while there could probably be a more sexy answer to your question, I am opting for the guys who have to do the dirty work on special teams. 


QUESTION: Will Jeff Mullen decide to use that stupid double pass with Jock Sanders again? Gosh, I hope not.

- Tito Gonzalez's Speed Coach in Morgantown, W.Va.

CD: I don't think we will see that particular double pass in this game, but I would bet everything in my wallet right now that West Virginia runs at least one trick play in this clash. You don't come to a place like this, and play another top-25 team and, as Bill Stewart would say, "Leave any bullets in the gun."


QUESTION: Could Brandon Hogan be rusty because he didn't play against Maryland. Because of that, maybe it might not be the best thing to do to put him in against LSU.

- Corey in Harrisburg, Pa.

CD: I will answer your question with a question: Is a rusty Brandon Hogan a better option than Pat Miller, who was trying to catch up to a man who caught a 60 and 80 yard touchdown passes behind him last week? As of right now, all things equal, I'd go with Hogan. 


QUESTION: If West Virginia loses this game, is Bill Stewart on the hot seat again?

- Mark in Wheeling, W.Va.

CD: Here we go again.





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