The Marshall win: Some thoughts on the matter

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

Some quick-hitter thoughts in the aftermath of West Virginia's 24-21 overtime victory against Marshall.

* If you didn't believe in Geno Smith before, well ...

* Mr. Smith goes to the end zone, especially late in the game. Here is what the young man did on the last two drives: He went 14 for 17 for 151 yards, threw a touchdown, picked up a crucial fourth down with a throw to Noel Devine and ran for a 20-yard first down with his own legs. Really, does it get much better than that?

* The end of the game was brilliant, those last two drives were insane. But, do not lose sight of the fact -- if you are a WVU fan -- that this team was very bad for about 51 minutes. Those last two drives served to put some lipstick on a pig, don't forget that. This team needs to impove. Quickly.

* The offensive line wasn't very good. Again. Know this though: Don Barclay and Eric Jobe were battling some stomach issues from what they think is something they ate. Barclay vomited on the sideline numerous times during the game and played is a weakened state. The kid toughed it out; he was not well.

* OK, Brad Starks looks to have -- injury or not -- been passed by these younger guys for sure now.

* Everyone laughs at that idiot fan who ran on the field. If you really look at it, in all seriousness, he gave WVU a much-needed timeout.

* I still say it was the wrong move, at the end of the third quarter, for Bill Stewart to trot Tyler Bitancurt out there for a 45-yard field goal attempt (the one that was blocked). If you are the bigger-school team, you go for it on fourth-and-short; you muscle through the smaller-school guys -- or at least try to.

* Been getting a lot of emails about the play where Marshall's Aaron Dobson caught the 96-yard touchdown pass. Apparently replays show he might have dropped the ball just before he went over the goal line. My thought: Worry more about the 95 yards he certainly gained than the 1 he might or might not have. That is the real issue.

* And speaking of such, you think we might see Pat Miller or Broderick Jenkins in the mix a little more at corner and maybe a smidgen less of Keith Tandy? It will be intriguing to see.

* All the offical reviews, stopping the game and such, gets tremendously annoying. Whatever happened to humans deciding a game humans play?

* There is no question Robert Sands is a world-class hitter. Seriously, though, he should think about wrapping up a bit more and not being a missile so much. He hurts himself -- quite literally -- at least once a game.

* Noel Devine had 33 touches against Marshall. So leave Jeff Mullen alone this year in that regard, will ya!

* With Pat Lazear out, the linebacker situation -- aside from J.T. Thomas -- is more unsteady than most people understand.

* If the Marshall staff doesn't decide to hand it to Tron Martinez -- who had just three carries and an enormous fumble -- in one of the most crucial points in the game for some unknown reason, West Virginia is 1-1 right now. There is absolutely, positively, no question about that.

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