Penguins mixed on Steelers' throwback jerseys - 11-19-12

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Like the Steelers, the Penguins are no strangers to throwback third jerseys. In 2008, they introduced a power-blue jersey which was a replica of a jersey they wore in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 2011, they started wearing another blue jersey which was a mish-mash of elements from jerseys they wore throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Last week, several members of the Penguins were asked their opinions on the Steelers' flashy and often ridiculed striped jerseys which are replicas of what the franchise wore for its inaugural season in 1933.

Marc-Andre Fleury, goaltender - "I think for me, as long as they keep winning with it, they might as well keep it around. A little bit different."

Matt Niskanen, defenseman -  "I don’t mind them. I heard on the radio a lot of people complaining about them but I didn’t mind them. Got to switch it up I guess."

Joe Vitale, center - "I thought it was cool. I thought they should have mixed in leather helmets. There would probably be too many injuries if you did that. It was pretty wild. It must be pretty distracting for the other team."

Craig Adams, right winger - "I don’t mind them for one game I guess. We were watching highlights and my wife said, ‘Oh my God. What are they wearing?’ I don’t mind the old, old school for one game but I don’t think they should make it a regular thing."

Sidney Crosby (right), center - "Oooh…. I don’t know. I didn’t like them that much. I like the idea of throwbacks but I wasn’t a big fan."

Pascal Dupuis, right winger - "I actually liked them I didn’t mind them. It’s something different. It’s always good for people that like different style. I didn’t mind them at all. I kind of like it."

Chris Kunitz, left winger - "I think like their (regular) black and gold. I think that’s their best uniform. The third one, that’s going way back. I think I like the (regulars) a little better."

Ben Lovejoy, defenseman - "I like anything old school. I don’t think I’d want that to be their regular third jersey. Throwing it back to the past, I think they’re pretty cool every once in a while."

(Photos: Steelers-Don Wright/Associated Press; Crosby-Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

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