Adams remains optimistic - 10-19-12

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As a member of the NHLPA's negotiating committee, Penguins forward Craig Adams was directly involved in meetings yesterday between the players' association and the NHL which took part in Toronto. The league rejected three proposals offered by the NHLPA.

Adams discussed the state of negotiations with local media today:

Is there any reason to be optimistic after yesterday's events?

"I guess the only thing that makes me optimistic is that I know we proposed three really good deals for them. I kind of think maybe the longer they look at them they’re going to realize it’s a really good deal. That’s what gives me a little bit of optimism."

Did you anticipate the response the league gave you? 

"I think short of saying we accept their deal, we were probably going to get the response that we got. That’s the feeling I got being in the room."

Did you expect the league to take more time than it did to review and reject the NHLPA's proposals?

"Normally you would. But this has sort of been a pattern with them so I wasn’t too surprised."

Can it get emotional given the events of this week? 

"Maybe you do a little bit but you try not to because … you can really drive yourself crazy if you get too high or too down. You just got to be patient and believe the approach we’re taking. We believe we’re going to get a good deal. Just got to be patient."

After yesterday's rejections, do you start considering playing overseas?

"I’m already looking into it."

In reference to the Oilers arena situation, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman suggested everyone involved in that dispute "take a deep breath." Could that advice apply to the NHL-NHLPA dispute?

"I don’t know. I don’t think we need to take a deep breath. I think we’ve considered things very carefully and spent a lot of time working on those proposals. Talking to players, what do guys want to do. What do they think is the right thing to do. We’re kind of approaching it very methodically and I assume they feel the same way. "

Bettman also suggested that the league needs to make a decision on whether to cancel the Winter Classic soon. Does that event mean more to the league in this process than the NHLPA? 

"That’s a good question. I don’t know. Under the previous agreement, we (the players) get “X” amount of revenues. Any event that’s going to bring in a lot of revenues is great for both sides. It’s an event the I think the (players) enjoy. I know I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve got to play in it twice. I’ve been really lucky. It’s a great event for the league. It’s good for everybody."

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