Penguins at Bruins - 01-15-11

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-Hey, guess where we are:

-No, not quite:

(Destiny has a mousepad.)

-The Penguins' starters are Matt Cooke, Tyler Kennedy, Jordan Staal, Kris Letang, Brooks Orpik and Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Their scratches are Dustin Jeffrey, Ben Lovejoy and Sidney Crosby.

-The Bruins' starters are Nathan Horton, Michael Ryder, Marc Savard, Johnny Boychuk, Dennis Seidenberg and Tuukka Rask.

-Their scratcehs are Milan Lucic and Andrew Ference.

-FSN PIttsburgh provides your line combinations and defensive pairings:

-Bruins are wearing their third jersey with that "scavenging bear" logo:

-It's not an ideal third jersey, but it's a lot better than their old honey yellow, "Winnie The Poo" third jersey:

19:14: Fleury denieds Boychuk and Savard on two quick shots from the right point/wing.

19:05: Boychuk blasts a slapper from the right point again. Fleury comes up with another stop.

18:52: Cooke carries the puck out of the defensive zone to boos.

17:54: Malkin carries a puck into the offensive zone and chips it down the wall. He gets flattened at the left point by Brad Marchand for his troubles.

17:48: A scrum breaks out as Pascal Dupuis gives Marchand some grief for the hit. Adam McQuaid goes after Dupuis but ends up on his wallet. Dupuis is the only one sent off as he's nabbed for slashing Marchand. Brooks Orpik, Zbynek Michlaek, Jordan Staal and Craig Adams take the ice.

16:28: Zdeno Chara snaps off a pedestrian wrister fromt he left point. Fleury gloves it.

14:49: Michalek chips the puck down ice from the left wing in his own zone. That essentially kills off the rest of Dupuis' penalty. Splendid effort to kill that two minutes.

14:40: Michael Ryder trips up Letang at the right point. That's two minutes for tripping Letang, Malkin, Chris Kunitz, Mark Letestu and Alex Goligoski takes the ice. No Jordan Staal after Wednesday's success?

14:22: Malkin fires a slapper from the left half wall. Kunitz is in front on a screen and takes it right in the back of the legs.

13:46: Malkin cracks a one-timer from the right half wall. It's no where near the net.

12:40: The Ryder minor expires without much of a threat from the Penguins.

12:23: Off a steal along the right wing, Chris Conner pumps a quick wrister on net. Rask fights it off.

11:55: Wheeler fires a long distance shot off the left wing. Fleury knocks it down and covers.

11:16: Cooke is sent off for interference against Matt Cooke in front of the Bruins' net. Not a disciplined play. Michalek, Orpik, Staal and Adams take the ice.

10:20: Mark Recchi is in fact, a former Penguin:

9:33: Ryder jabs a loose puck in the slot on net. Fleury denies it with his left leg.

9:16: Cooke's penalty is killed.

9:03: And the man they all hate in Boston creates a goal. Cooke leaves the pubck and pushe a puck up ice. He gains the offenisve zone on the right wing and deals a cross-ice pass to Staal in the left circle. Staal turns and pushe an off-balance pass to the slot. Kunitz is trailing on the play and whiffs a bion a shot attempt but re-directs the puck into the cage by Rask who overplayed Staal and was totally out of position. Officials review the play. They confirm there was no kicking motion. Staal and Cooke get assists. One fan representing 412 is happy:

(Why is that girl in the Bruins sweater doing a fist pump? Is her Coke that good?)

Penguins 1-0.

6:52: Cooke leads another rush into the offensive zone. Off the left wing, he leaves a drop pass for Kennedy. Kennedy snaps off a wrister which deflects out of play.

4:54: In traffic, Malkin makes a nifty pass off the right wing to the slot. Dupuis take the pass, spins and whips a shot on net. Rask is in perfect position and gloves the shot. Fans award him with "Tuuuuuu!" chants.

4:50: Off the ensuing faceoff, Adams and Campbell fight. Campbell lands an early jab and pretty much has the fight all the way. He lands a bevy of quick rights. Adams fends him off and wrestles Campbell to the ice. Award that one to Campbell on points. And Campbell's dad use to play for the Penguins:

3:19: Maxime Talbot jostles Wheeler with a solid check along the right wing.

2:35: Off a turnover by Paul Martin at the Penguins' blue line, Ryder snaps off a wrister from teh slot. Fleury fends it off. Nathan Horton collects the rebound and is denied in tight. Ryder jumps on another rebound and is also denied by Fleury. Bad turnover by Martin and some sloppy plays with the rebounds by Fleury.

0:40: Letang picks up a loose puck on the right wing and snaps off a wristre from the faceoff circle. Rask fights off the shot. Cooke is there for the rebound but can't beat Rask.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 1, Bruins 0.


-That was a pretty meat and potatoes type of period for the Penguins. They started off early from the first shift with some hitting deep in the Bruins' zone and have not let up too much. As a result, the've grinded out an early lead.

-It's just like old times for the Staal-Kennedy-Cooke line. They're defensively responsible, physical and they're even created a few offensive chances. They've been the best game of the line so far.

-Malkin-Kunitz-Dupuis trio has been solid. But there needs to be a bigger contribution.

-The Penguins' lack of discipline was a problem once again. Both of their minor penalties were really unneccessary. Thankfully for their sake, they have a strong penalty kill.

-The Bruins didn't look too terribly organized.

-Shots are tied, 12-12.

-Letang leads the game with four shots.

-Boychuk and Ryder each lead the Bruins with three.

-Chara leads the game with 8:41 of ice time.

-Letang leads the Penguins with 8:28.

-The Bruins have a 12-8 lead in faceoffs (60 percent).

-Marc Savard is 7 for 9 (78 percent).

-Malkin is 2 for 2 (50 percent).

-No one has more than one blocked shot.


19:34: Seidenberg tosses a wrister at the cage from the left point. Fleury gloves it.

19:22: Wow was that fluky. Michalek chops a slapper from the right point. His stick breaks mid-shot and the puck ends upgoing wide on the near side. It banks off the end boards and comes around the side of the net. Dupuis follows the puck and shuffles into the empty cage behind Rask who is lost. A lucky break for the Penguins. Michalek and Malkin get assists. Penguins 2-0.

19:03: Ugly scene as Kampfer gets clipped in the face by Chara's stick. Chara's stick got caught up between Dupuis and Kunitz on a cycle down blew and Kampfer skated right into it. Kampfer is on all four leaking a decent amount of blood:

-Kampfer heasd to the locker room for repairs. Dupuis ends up actually getting a double-minor for high sticking. What an awful call. Dupuis' stick was on the ice. Simply awful. Adams, Staal, Orpik and Michalek take the ice.

17:44: Adams blocks a half slapper by Chara from the right point. Adams recovers the rebound and backhands it down ice.

16:25: Staal slams Chara into the right wing board. That's a lot of beef colliding there.

16:11: Horton has a chance in the slot but Talbot slides down for a block and forces Horton to shoot it wide.

15:39: Ryder attacks the net from the left wing with speed. He rips a shot but Letang slides down and blocks the shot.

15:06: David Krejci twists inside Letang in the left circle and rips a wrister to the far side. Fleury boots it out with his left foot. Wheeler pushes the rebound on net from the right wing. Fleury covers to freeze play.

15:03: The second of Dupuis' minors expires. Another solid effort by the Penguins.

12:59: Horton fends off some pressure from behind by Rupp and snaps off a wrister from the right point. Fleury fights it off.

11:56: Adams blocks a slapper by Boychuk from the right point and deflects it wide on the near side.

10:48: Recchi makes a sloppy turnover over in the neutral zone and deals a pass right to... Deryk Engelland. Engelland immediately one-touches a pass to Malkin at the opposite blue line and springs him loose on a breakaway. Malkin races in and attacks five hole. Rask holds his ground and denies Malkin on a follow up chance with a rebound. Fans rain down "TUUUUUUU!!!" chants.

10:42: Malkin circles around the offensvie zone and deals a pass from the right point to Kennedy in the left circle. Kennedy cracks a one-timer which Rask kicks out.

8:44: Off a giveaway by Engelland, Campbell whips a wrister on net. Fleury says no.

8:32: What a shot. Seidenberg picks up a loose puck at the left point and blasts a cannon of a slapper to the far sidel. Daniel Paille and Goligoski are in front screening Fleury who doesn't have a prayer of stopping the puck which toasts his glove hand. Shawn Thornton and Campbell get assists. Penguins 2-1.

8:19: Oh geez. That looks familiar. Ryder gains the offensive zone on the left wint with speed. He uses Michalek as a ascreen and rips a sick wrister by the blocker of Fleury. Ouch. Screen or not, that shot needs stopped. Dan Bylsma calls a time out to organized his reeling team. How big were those saves by Rask on Malkin's breakawy? Savard and Seidenberg get assists. Bruins 2, Penguins 2.

7:14: Seidenberg chops a slapper from the left point to the slot. Ryder is there and re-directs it wide to the far side. They had a good idea on that play.

6:04: Staal snaps off a pedestrian wrister from the slot. Rask makes the save but allows the rebound to trick behind him and wide to the far side.

5:28: Kennedy circles around the net and deals a pass to Martin moving in from the left point. Martin chops a one-timer. It appears to hit Chara in the skate and deflects out.

4:40: Seidenberg pumps a slapper on net from the top of the slot. Fleury kicks it out. Arron Asham pushes it up ice out of danger.

3:52: Malkin gains the offensive zone with speed on the left wing and deals a pass to Goligoski on the right point. Goligoski cranks a one-timer. Rask fights it off.

2:53: Conner gains the offensive zone, cuts across the slot and leaves a little drop pass for Orpik above the left circle. Orpik snaps off a little wrister. Rask fends it off.

1:13: Malkin circles around the net and backhands a pass to the left circle. Dupuis steps up and blasts a one-timer. Rask makes the stop.

0:00: End of period. Bruins 2, Penguins 2.


-What an exciting period. Lots of hitting. Lots of up and down skating. Lots of offensive chances. This game is keeping your attention.

-It's amazing how much momentum a big save can create. If Malkin buries that breakaway chance, this game might be over. Instead, Rask keeps the Bruins' heads above water with that save and allows them to tie the game.

-Whatever killer instict Malkin has (or may have once had) was completely absent on that play.

-Dennis Seidenberg now has five points in the last two games against the Penguins. Oof.

-The Bruins have a 26-25 edge in shots.

-Ryder leads the game with five shots.

-Letang leads the Penguins with four.

-Chara leads the game with 18:02 of ice time.

-Orpik leads the Penguins with 16:42.

-The Bruins have a 17-14 lead in faceoffs (55 percent).

-Bergeron is 6 for 9 (67 percent).

-Letestu is 3 for 5 (60 percent).

-Adams, Kunitz, and Krejci each lead the game with two blocked shots.


19:41: The third period pretty much begs as the second ended. Horton rips a wrister from the right circle to the far side. Fleury juuuuust gets a piece of it with his blocker and deflects it wide.

18:43: Malkin is denied in tight by Rask.

17:55: Wheeler cuts in off the left wing and is denied from the slot by Fleury.

16:35: Talk about making somethig out of nothing. Kennedy fights off a check on the left wing and chops the puck wide on the near side. Cooke chases after it and pusehs a backhander from behind the net towards the crease. McQuaid is there but fails to get a clean handle on it. Staal barges in and pucnhes the bouncing puck by Rask with a backhander. That line gets a dirty goal. Staal has has his second consecutive multiple-point game. Cooke and Kennedy get assists. This guy is happy:

Penguins 3-2.

15:21: Off a turnover by Recchi, Dupuis steals a puck in the slot and immediately releases a rising wrister which deflects off the crossbar and out of play. A goal there is huge.

14:50: Talbot backhands a pedestrian backhander on net. Rask kicks it out easily.

14:09: Letang pushes a pass up to Letestu on the right wing. Letestul cranks a slapper on net. Rask says no.

14:06: Chara corrals the rebound behind the net. Adams rushes back there to smack Chara on a forecheck. Chara dodges the hit and Adams crashes into the boards awkwardly.

12:50: Play is halted as Savard is on the ice along the right wing boards on all fours. Engelland slammed him into the boards and it appears his right elbow made contact with Savard's head and pushed it into the boards. Savard eventually recovers to his feet and makes his way to the bench. Remarkably, given his concussion problems, he appears fine on the bench.

12:40: Recchi has a chance on a backdoor type of play but Fleury read it all the way, slides to his left and eats up the shot.

11:19: Seidenberg chops a slapper from the left point. Despite a screen, Fleury stops it with his left leg.

10:10: Engelland grips and rips a shot on net from the right point. Rask eats it up.

9:30: Savard is apparently fine as he pumps a one-timer from the right circle wide on the near side.

8:40: Conner releases a wrister from the left circle. Rask gloves it.

7:58: Argh! Matt Bartkowski chops a slapper from the right point wide on the near side. It deflects to the right of the net. Paille is there with an open net and pushes it wide through the crease.

7:06: Ryder has a chance off the left wing and snaps off a wrister. It squeaks through Fleury and hits off the near post. Whew! A few close calls here.

6:18: Ryder walks in from the right wing corner and pushes a backhander on net. Fleury holds it outas Horton crashes in. All heck breaks loose. Kunitz and Savard mix it up. Horton and Orpik square off. Orpik appears to threaten the quality of Horton's life.

We think.

5:31: Malkin drags himself to the bench and appears to be in some discomfort.

4:49: Ryder is buzzing around the net again and has a chance on a loose puck. He chops at it. Fleury holds it out.

3:42: As Fleury falls down behind the net handling a puck (sigh), Orpik hauls down Recchi in the right wing corner. No call.

3:05: Horton puts a wrister on net from the slot. Fleury makes the save but allows a rebound. Horton follows up on it just inside the left circle and appears to have a clean shot with Fleury slightly out of place. Michalek chops the stick out of his hand and prevents the shot. That could've been a penalty, but it was a huge defensive play.

2:28: Seidenberg skates off a check at the right point and cranks a slapper. The shooting lane is wide open. Fleury spots the puck with ease and eats it up.

1:17: Rask is pulled for an extra attacker.

0:41: Recchi deals a pass to Seidenberg in the left circle. Seidenberger rips a wrister. Fleury makes the save. The puck bounces around. The Penguins fail to clean it up. Seidenberg jumps on it and put it on net. Fleury eats it up. The Bruins call a time-out. During the stoppage, we get a peak at some of the really hardcore hockey fans in Boston:

0:23: The puck is moved to Chara at the left point. He unleashes a one-timer. Fleury gets a piece of it with his blocker.

0:05: The Penguisn win a faceoff in their own zone. Letang chops it around the boards to kill off the rest of the clock.

0:00: End of game. Penguins 3, Bruins 2.


-What an important win. Not so much in terms of the standings but in terms of confidence. The Penguins continued what they did in Montreal in terms of getting offense from people other than Sidney Crosby. And they did it against a team which has comeback twice against them this season.

-Jordan Staal continues to look better and better each game. He now has five points in his last two games.

-His line with Cooke and Kennedy was just dominant. We don't see how Bylsma can break this line up regardless of Crosby's health.

-Fleury was a huge part of this win obviously. He shook off two goals which could have potentially shaken his confidence and turned back a pretty strong attack by the Bruins. He got bailed out a few times by his teammates but he made some tough saves at the right times.

-Rask was outstanding as well. The Penguins put plenty of pucks on net and he just kept kicking them out. This was very much a goaltending duel.

-The Penguins won despite another subpar game by Malkin's lofty standard. He simply doesn't have the chemistry with Kunitz and Dupuis that Crosby does.

-We'd be lying if we said we paid a lot of attention to Dennis Seidenberg outside of his games against the Penguins, but he has been a very complete player in the game we have seen against him.  He very responsible in his own zone and he's simply an offensive force with that shot of his.

-The Bruins led in shots, 46-36.

-They had a 20-11 lead in the fourth quarter alone.

-Ryder and Seidenberg each led the game with seven.

-Conner led the Penguins with five.

-Chara led the game with 29:06 of ice time.

-Orpik led the Penguins with 25:43.

-The Bruins led in faceoffs, 28-24 (54 percent).

-Bergeron was 11 for 17 (65 percent).

-Letestu was 5 for 7 (71 percent).

-Engelland, Martin, Kunitz, Adams, Seidenberg and Krejci each led the game with two blocked shots.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.

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