Penguins unveil new jerseys - 10-28-10

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

The Penguins unveiled their new way to make money Winter Classic jerseys today. As modeled by Evgeni Malkin:

-The jerseys are a kind of mish-mash of older Penguins' jerseys from the 1970s. Different elements from different jerseys were put together to compile this "Frankenstein" jersey if you will. The Bruins did something similar for last season's Winter Classic.

-The team's original "fat" penguin logo from the 1960s will be on the front. While it was an official logo, the team never wore it on the ice.

-We have some quotes from team president David Morehouse in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Morehouse quotes.

On the jersey:

"It's a great uniform. It takes the very first logo we had as the Penguins. So it's a tribute to history. It has some different elements of different uniforms we've had in the past but it's new. It's consistent with us opening a new arena and moving forward but it has a nod to the past. The fans in Pittsburgh made the (first Winter Classic) jersey the best-selling jersey in the NHL. I think they liked the blue. We wanted to stick with some sort of blue."

Why make a "mish-mash" jersey instead of just using one of the older ones from the 70s:

"Because we already did it. So since we already did it in (2008), we wanted to do something a little bit different. And with so many different uniforms, it was hard to pick one. So we wanted to take a little bit from a couple different uniforms and make it new and different."

Why make a "mish-mash" jersey instead of just using an older one like in the 2008 Winter Classic:

"Because blue has been such a popular color with our fans. It's fan-driven mostly. And the fans love our (current) third jersey and we wanted to make sure they had an option with blue."

On the "fat" Penguin logo:

"'Chilly Willy?' He put on a little bit to get him through the winter."

EN Says: As we stated yesterday, it's a blatant cash grab. New jerseys and other merchandise right before the holiday shopping season? The Penguins would be idiots not to come up with a new jersey. But at the same time, it just has a cheap feel to it.

As far as the jersey itself goes, it's not bad. We've certainly have seen some far worse third jerseys in the NHL. But it's hardly original. It seems like a third of the league uses some form of blue as a third jersey. It's okay, but hardly spectacular. We don't get the same feeling about these jersey as we got for the ones that came out for the 2008 Winter Classic.

But fans will buy a ton of these jerseys and justify the decision.

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