Penguins at Blue Jackets - 09-24-10

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You can actually watch the game here depending on what your IP address is:

Sorry for being a little late, we had a little trouble getting the Blue Jackets' Web site up. There's not clock on the broadcast so this formate will be a little different than usual.

-Brent Johnson and former Penguins goaltender Mathieu Garon are your starting goaltenders.

-Speaking of Garon:

-Greatest photo ever.


-Arron Asham puts a shot by Garon. Alex Goligoski gets the only assist. We didn't see it so we don't have a description. Penguins 1-0.

-Looks like Paul Martin and Ben Lovejoy are working together on defense

-Penguins are dealing with a five-on-three power play. Goligoski, Martin, Mike Comrie, Mark Letestu and Chris Kunitz are on the ice for the Penguins.

-Chris Conner comes out of the right wing corner, moves towars the net and justwhips a shot into the crese. It appears to hit off the stick of Rupp int he crease and deflects by Garon's right leg.  The Penguins still have a power play. Kunitz and Steve Wagner get assists. Penguins 2-0.

-The Penguins have an 13-1 lead in shots. Yeesh.

-Brent Johnson glove a nasty little ripper of a wrister from the right circle.

-Antoine Vermette puts a sneaky pass into the slot from the left wing. Tomas Kubalik simply beats Alex Goligoski to the crease and pushes the puck by Johnson on the glove side. Terrible play by Goligoski. Vermette and Huselius get assists. Penguins 2-1.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}B8rMDy-p0GU{/youtube}

-End of period. Penguins 2, Blue Jackets 1.


-The Penguins have a 14-5 lead in shots.

-Comrie leads the game with five.

-No one for Columbus has more than one.

-The Penguins have an 8-5 lead in faceoffs (62 percent).

-Letestu is 3 for 3 (100 percent).

-Andrew Murray is 2 for 2.

-Goligoski leads the game with 9:32 of ice time.

-Mike Commodore leads the Blue Jackets with 8:02.

-Comrie leads the game with two.


-Mark Letestu launches a big slapper from the right circle. Garon eats it up.

-Goligoski goes all Bobby Orr on a deep rush towards the net. Unfortunately for the Penguins, he fails to stop and runs over Garon dislodging the net in the process. Goligoski goes off for goaltenders interference. Columbus will have a four-on-three power play.

-Kubalik is turning into the newest Penguin killer. Vermette controls the puck in the right circle. He forces a pass to the slot where Kubalik is all alone. He turns and just shuffles it on net. The puck clunks through Johnson's gear and deflects into the cage. Ugggglllllleee....Vermette and Kristian Huselius get assists. Blue Jackets 2, Penguins 2.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}B8rMDy-p0GU{/youtube}

-And Columbus trikes again. Kyle Wilson coasts up the right wing on a two-on-one with Ethan Moreau against Deryk Engelland. Engelland slides down to take away the pass. Wilson just takes a pedestrian shot which beats Johnson on the near side. Also ugggglllleeeee.... The goal is unassisted. Blue Jackets 3-2.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}B8rMDy-p0GU{/youtube}

-Johnson denies Samuel Pahlsson in tight off a nice feed by R.J. Umberger.

-Kunitz sets up a one-timer for Comrie in the left circle. A Blue Jackets defender flops down to block it. Comrie has looked nice in two preseason games so far. He doesn't hesitate to release the puck.

-There is another four-on-four in the is game after Craig Adams and Mike Blunden get roughing minors. There have been a ton of those tonight.

-Johnson makes two tough saves on Blunden and Methot despite having a few bodies in the crease.

-Lovejoy is nabbed for hooking Huselius. Dustin Jeffrey, Matt Cooke, Engelland and Martin take the ice.

-Columbus goes on a two-man advantage as Matt Cooke is called for boarding. Adams, Maxime Talbot and Engelland take the ice.

-It looked like Adams blocked a big blast by commodore from the top of the slot. Some guts there.

-The Penguins kill off both penalties. Nice.

-The Penguins get another power play as Chris Clark is called for holding Chris Conner. Goligoski, Comrie,

-Goligoski chips a puck from the right point to the right circle. Letestu is there and golfs a wild shot towards the net. It appears to hit Methot in the crease and deflects by Garon on the stick side. Ugly, fluky goal but the Penguins will take it. Kunitz get credit for the goal. He was parked right in front of Garon on that play. He needs to do that. He'll be a guy who takes over for Bill Guerin as that net-front presence on the first power play unit. Letestu and Goligoski get assists. Blue Jackets 3, Penguins 3.

-Another four-on-four. Goligoski and Clark take matching minors.

-End of period. Blue Jackets 3, Penguins 3.


-Mike Comrie continues to impress. The think we're really impressed with is the fact he's doing so much on his own tonight. Wednesday, he had the benefit of playing with Evgeni Malkin. And Malkin makes all his linemates better players. But Comrie is the most consistent threat offensively tonight and he's doing so much of it on his own.

-Again, we like seeing Kunitz going to the front of the net.

-Goligoski has seemed really up and down here.

-Letestu has been solid once again.

-It would be a stretch to say Paul Martin has distinguished himself.

-Brent Johnson has been a little shaky.

-The Penguins have a 24-21 lead in shots.

-Comrie leads the game with seven.

-Anton Stralman leads the Blue Jackets with four.

-Faceoffs are even, 16-16 (50 percent).

-Letestu is 5 for 6 (83 percent).

-Letestu's ability in the faceoff circle gives him a big advantage in the battle for that 13th forward position.

-Vermette is 8 for 14 (57 percent).

-Goligoski leads the game with 17:36 of ice time.

-Commodore leads the Blue Jackets with 17:29.

-John Curry has taken over for Brent Johnson.

-Former Penguins coach Bob Boughner, now an assistant coach with Columbus, makes an appearance on the Blue Jackets' radio feed which is being offered along with the video feed on the team's Web site.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}Qgdrf2dZku4{/youtube}


-Kunitz cranks a wild slapper from the left wing no where near the cage.

-The Penguins get a power play after Rostislav Klesla is nabbed for tripping Nick Johnson. Goligoski, Martin, Letestu, Comrie and Kunitz take the ice.

-Nick Johnson was having a quiet game until now. Wagner circles off the left wing boards and distributes a pass to Johnson in the right circle. Johnson settles the puck, hesitates for a moment, grips and rips a wrister by Garon on the glove side which rings off the near post and deflects into the cage. Matt Cooke had a wonderful screen on that shot. Johnson ripped a beauty of a shot. Wagner and Dustin Jeffrey get assist. Penguins 4-3.

-Tom Sestito hits Lovejoy along the boards and leaves his feet in the process. Mike Rupp comes barging in and hits Sestito high. A small scrum develops. Rupp and Sestito each are sent off for minors. Another four-on-four.

-Kunittz deals a pass to Letestu in the slot. Lestestu coasts towards the net. He lifts a wrister which appears to hit off the stick of a stretched out defender and jumps up over the glove hand of Garon. That was kind of a fluky goal. Comrie apparently touched it as he gets credit for the goal. Letestu and Kunitz get assists. Penguins 5-3.

-Maxime Talbot has been quiet tonight.

-A turnover/misplay by Goligoski creates a three-on-two for Columbus. The Blue Jackets can't really do much with it. Goligoski can't make mistakes like that.

-A small skirmish develes at center ice. Deryk Engelland is going after Klesla which is a huge mis-match. Lots of toughness on the ice with Cooke, Asham and Engelland. Engelland and Klesla go off for roughing minors. Yet another four on four.

-Dear Dan Focht!?!?! Thomas Kubalik again!?!? Kubalik must be Czech for "Knuble." This guy scores again. Klesla moves in deep on the left wing and centers a pass to the slot. Kubalik in front uncontested. He just kind of turns and taps the puck by Curry. Unreal. Klesla and Stralman get assists. Penguins 5-4.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}B8rMDy-p0GU{/youtube}

-The Blue Jackets pull Garon for an extra attacker.

-Curry eats up a shot from the poitn despite approximately 492 bodies in the crease.

-End of game. Penguins 5, Blue Jackets 4.


(That's a heck of an offer.)

-Again, we're never going to get too excited or to down on how the Penguins do from a team perspective in a preseason game. You mostly look for individual performances. That said, the power play looked pretty good, especially with Goligoski and Martin on the back end.

-How excited are you about Mike Comrie? He looks like he's wants to be a 30-goal guy once again. He was dominant tonight.

-Chris Kunitz looked a lot better than he did most of last year. He looked like he had that extra burst. He was competing more.

-Mark Letestu stepped up and made his case to stick with the NHL club. He put the puck on net and created some chances. And he looked pretty good on the power play. He could potentially be a center on the second power play unit.

-Additionally, Letestu's ability in the faceoff circle really gives him an advantage.

-As nice as he looked offensively, Goligoski was something of a liability on defense tonight. He just had a sloppy game in his end from what we could see.

-Steve Wagner was probably the most impressive defenseman in our book tonight. He skated well and created some chances.

-John Curry wasn't bad in mop-up duty.

-Tomas Kubalik is the new Jeff Blake/Mike Knuble/Cory Stillman Penguin killer.

-The Blue Jackets ended up with a 37-29 lead in shots.

-Comrie led the game with eight shots.

-Stralman and Moreau led the Blue Jackets with five.

-The Blue Jackets controlled faceoffs, 30-22 (58 percent).

-Letestu was 6 for 7 (86 percent).

-Vermette was 13 for 21 (62 percent).

-Goligoski led the Penguins with 24:28 of ice time.

-Commodore led the Blue Jackets with 23:55.

-Ben Lovejoy, who was mostly quiet, led the game with three blocked shots.

-Commodore and Chad Kolarik led Columbus with two.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.

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