Rangers at Penguins - Third Period - 11-28-09

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19:27: This game's no where near decide. Michal $*@$@! Rozsival -- as we called him during his time as a Penguin --  gets the goal. Avery digs the puck out from behind the Penguins' net and distributes to Rozsival in the left faceoff circle. Rozsival steps up and smacks a shot by Fleury on the near side. It's Rozsival's first goal of the season. Geez. Avery and Gaborik get the assists. Avery really worked hard to set that goal up. He's probably been the Rangers' best player tonight. Penguins 4-3.

19:17: The Rangers almost tie up up immediately after Rozsival's goal Anisimov gets by Eaton off the left wing and pushes a backhander at Fleury's five hole. Fleury closes the gates and holds the puck out.

18:01: Rupp gets denied in tight by Valiquette.

17:45: Malkin dishes a pss to Fedotenko in the right faceoff circle. Fedotenko snaps off a wrister from the right faceoff circle. It hits a stick and jumps into the netting. The faceoff goes to the neutral zone. Fedotenko argues it hit a Rangers' stick. Replays show that to be the case. The faceoff still goes outside the blue line.

16:46: Oh Steve Valiquette. Please don't handle the puck ever again outside your net. That was brutal. Valiquette tries to play a puck behind his cage. He tries to flick it into the corner but appears to get mixed up by Del Zotto who skates by. Malkin steals it. Valiquette crawls to get into the crease. Malkin tries to bank it off Valiquette but the puck skids across the goal line just resisiting the urge to go in. It slides to Crosby in the corner on the right wing. Del Zotto slides to block Crosby's shot attempt Crosby is able to sneaks a wrister by Del Zotto and a helpless Valiquette from that tough angle. Ouch. Valiquette looked like he was trying to clear a land mine with a snow shovel there. Brutal. Malkin gets the only assist. Valiquette should get four. The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 5-3.

13:56: Crosby smacks a slapper off a loose puck from the slot. Valiquette makes the save. Avery went for a high hit on Crosby there but Crosby was able to duck away from it.

12:40: And this thing is just about finished. When Pascal Dupuis blows his luke-warm 45: slapper by you on the near side, the game is over. Dupuis gets the puck at the right point, windes up and sends a slapper at the cage that gets through traffic and beats Valiquette near side. Terrible goal to give up. Orpik and Gonchar get the assists. Penguins 6-3.

-We're not sure who to credit this to. It's been floating around the Web for a while, but this drawing of Dupuis is awesome:

12:21: Cooke absoluely rocked Artem Anisimov with a shoulder check at the Penguins' blue line. He left his feet to land that hit too. Anisimov's helmet pops off. He falls to the ice in a daze. Anisimov recovers to his feet and skates to the bench in distress. He looks to be in a real daze. Cooke gets two minutes for interference. That was a dirty hit. He should be kicked out. Staal, Gonchar, Oprik and Talbot take the ice. The Rangers need to take advantage of this if they have any hope of a comeback.

15:46: Valiquette responds with a big save on a nice one-timer attempt by Malkin in the slot. Valiquette is able to slide to his left and fight it off.

11:38: The Rangers try to set up Gaborik down low iwht a cross ice pass from the left wing. THe pass is too fast for him. He's unable to get a stick on the puck and gets tossed out of the crease by Orpik.

10:21: Cooke's penalty is killed.

9:44: During a stoppage, Donald Brashear jumps Cooke trying to get some revenge for the hit on Anisimov. An official gets between them and holds themp apart. Basically, the official was in a two-man bear hug. Brashear gets sent to the box and gets a double-minor for roughing. Crosby, Gonchar, Malkin, Guerin and Goligoski take the ice.

8:58: Off a blocked shot by Crosby, Malkin collects a the rebound, turns and whips it wide of the cage.

8:31: And Highmark hates Sidney Crosby. From the left wing, Goligoski sneaks a cross-ice pass to the right wing to Crosby. From the faceoff circle, Crosby fakes a slapper, pulls his stick down, moves in and snaps off a sick wrister by Valiquette on the near glove side. Valiquette waves his arms up in desperation. Just about all of those ugly hats from tonight's giveaway -- sponsored by Highmark -- rain down onto the ice. We've never seen that many hats for a hat trick. It takes the crews here at least five minutes to clean the ice. Goligoski gets the only assist. The Penguins will still have a full two minutes of power play time to work with. The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 7, Rangers 3.

-The hats:

8:06: This is just ugly. The puck comes loose at the top of the slot. Letang just steps up and hammers a slapper on net. Kennedy is to the left of the net and redirects it down under Valiquette's glove. Valiquette must feel like a shooter tutor at this point. Officials weren't sure of who to credit the goal to initially so the WWE "KENNEDY!" clips isn't played. Letang and Fedotenko get the assists. Penguins 8, Rangers 3.

7:58: And Ryan Callahan finally  makse Matt Cooke answer for his hit to Anisimov. They drop the gloves off the ensuing faceoff. They circle each other, square up and lock up. Cooke lands one right. Callahan lands a few of his own. They then hug and wrestle before the officials step in. Monday's game is going to be really interesting. Each player gets five for fighting and 10-minutes game misconduct penalties.

6:14: During a stoppage, Avery shows what a coward he is by jumping Fedotenko from behind near the Penguins' net. Why go after a Fedotenko? Is Avery jealous of his wonderful head of hair? They mostly wrestle and fall to the ice. Avery has a small cut on his nose. Avery gets like 29,342 penalties. Actually, he gets two mintues for instigating, five minutes for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct. Avery actually has to be shoved down the ramp by an offiical. The Penguins get a seven minute power play.


3:33: Jordan Staal lugs the puck up the ice from the left wing and moves in on net with a backhander. Valiquette holds it out. Crosby, Malkin, Goligoski, Gonchar and Gunner Godard take the ice.

3:06: Someone in the Rangers' booth, presumably assistant general manager Jim Schoenfeld, is tossing papers and other items around in anger.

2:29: This is awesome. A "Happp-EEEE Birth-DAAYYYY" chant starts for Fleury.

0:05: The Penguins' fans rise to offer a standing ovation.

0:00: End of game. The "Woo-Hoo" song is played. Penguins 8, Rangers 3.


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