Penguins 8, Rangers 3 - Postgame - 11-28-09

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First things first. Here's John Tortorella on Matt Cooke's hit to Artem Anisimov.

On Anisimov's health:

"He cleared up."

On the Cooke hit and Donald Brashear's attempt at a fight:

"You know, there's a big thing this year, these head shots, huh? To me it's pretty simple. Change the rule book. Some of these guys that go about doing that have no fear at all as far as a little retribution. It'll continue. That's why our game is more violent right now. Because I think guys hide behind that rule book. I'm not sure what's going to happen. He leaves his feet. It's an absolute head shot. Linesman jumps in when someone else is trying to take care of business. That should've been left alone. This is where our game is screwed up as far as I'm concerned. There's just no respect. There's no respect in these type of situations. I think the rule book has a little bit to play with that."

On Monday's rematch:

"We'll be ready to play."

Regarding the hit, Cooke should be suspended for the hit. We don't know what the NHL will do. The only semblence of logic the NHL seems to have regarding disclipline is: Star players = No discipline. Non-star players = discipline.

-Cooke left his feet and targeted Anisimov's head. He should've been kicked out of the game and he should face supplementary discipline based on his history. He's a dirty player, plain and simple and he did a dirty thing tonight.

-Regarding the game, the Penguins haven't had one like that in quite a while huh? Amazing what happens when you get three of your regulars back in the lineup. They scary thing is, the Penguins probably didn't even play their best game and still blew out the Rangers. But they kept it simple. They got pucks on net, went to the cage and just overwhelmed Valiquette. Imagine if the Penguins had Chris Kunitz in the lineup.

-Okay, maybe it would've been 7-3. Zing!

-Crosby was obviously terrific tonight. (No duh.) He got lucky one one goal and absolutely burnt Valiquette on two others.

-Goligoski rebounded after a rough first period. He seemed like he just needed to shake some rust off. He had 21:16 of ice tiem and recorded two assists.

-Letang was solid all throughout. He didn't appear out of place defensively and was involved in the offensive zone quite a bit. He had 18:04 of ice time, recorded two assists and as a plus-2. He also got three shots on net.

-Kennedy seemed like he was a little slow at first but he eventually warmed up. His tip in goal was pretty dazzling. He had 13:20 of ice time and finished with one goal but was a minus-2. He was physical as he was credited with five hits.

-Tortorella said he never thought about pulling Valiquette for Henrik Lundqvist. He apparently wanted Lundqvist to get some rest at all costs.

-We know it's kind of hard to say Fleury played well in a game in which his team gave him eight goals of offensive support, but he did. Don't forget, this game was very much in doubt after Michal Rozsival scored to open the third.  He held off a little bit of a push by the Rangers following that goal and allowed his team to team to reign terror on Valiquette and pour it on. And the three goals Fleury gave up were really weren't terrible ones to give up. Marc Staal made a wonderful move on Goligoski and had a clean shot on net. Avery had a wonderful screen to set up Matt Gilroy. And Roszival had a one-timer from inside the faceoff circle.

-Tortorella said his team will be ready and will be focused for Monday's rematch. We'll see. This is a team with a couple of loose cannons like Sean Avery and Aaron Voros.

-The Penguins had a 33-25 lead shots.

-Christopher Higgins led the game with six shots.

-Crosby and Malkin led the Penguins with five shots each.

-The only Penguins skaters who failed to record a shot on net were Goligoski and Godard.

-Gonchar led the game with 25:18 of ice time.

-Rozsival led the Rangers with 23:05.

-FIre Craig Patrick.

-The Penguins dominated faceoffs, 35-20 (64 percent).

-Crosby was 15 for 20 (75 percent).

-Callahan was 6 for 14 (43 percent).

-Rozsival led the game with four blocked shots.

-Fire Craig Patrick.

-Gonchar led the Penguins with two.

-Not sure what was up with ENver Lisin, but he was essentially benched even though he dressed. Tortorella admitted he would've scratched Linsin if he had another healthy forward.

-Crosby's hat trick was his second of the season. He had three goals in a 6-1 defeat of the Candiens, exactly one month ago. It was his fourth career regular season hat trick, fifth overall.

-His five-point outburst was the second best single-game total of his career. His career best was a six-point effort (one goal, five assists) in an 8-4 rout of the Flyers, Dec. 13, 2006.

-As we mentioned earlier, Talbot's goal was his first since:

-Eaton's goal was his first game-winner since 2003-04. While with the Predators, he had the deciding goal in a season-opening 3-1 defeat of the Mighty Ducks, Oct. 9, 2003.

-Somehow, Jordan Staal managed to find a way to stay off the score sheet and be a minus-2.

-Gonchar moved past Aleksey Morozov for 32nd place on the team's all-time scoring list. Gonchar has 221 points to Morozov's 219.

-Talbot moved past Milan Kraft for 91st place. Each player has 82 points, but Talbot (43) has more goals than Kraft (41).

-Kennedy moved past Ian Moran for 110th place. Each player has 63 points, but Kennedy has more goals (31) than Moran (19).

-Fleury's win was the 14th of his career against the Rangers. The Flyers (16) are the only other team he has beaten more in regular season play.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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