Summer fashion faux pas

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

If it were socially acceptable, we would wear a hockey jersey just about anywhere. We wear them to the office on weekends usually. But we wish we could wear them to weddings or birthday parties or riding a tandem bike for five.

But never to the beach.

Our friends often kid us that we would wear a hockey jersey to the shore since we seemingly wear nothing else, but that's simply something we can't joke about. Hockey jerseys and sand just don't go together in our system of values. It would be like eating a steak and banana sandwich from Quiznos.

But after having watched "Summer Rental" about 193 times this week on some form of HBO, we realized the great John Candy attempted to shatter that stigma many years ago.


All due respect to the late Mr. Candy and his Canadian heritage (we assume Canadians were hockey jerseys everywhere), but that's just plain wrong.

-The Bleacher Report ranked the ten most valuable players in the NHL. Sidney Crosby is No. 1on the list while Evgeni Malkin is No. 3. (Kudos to EN reader Marla Schwartz for the heads up.)

Atlantic Division
-The Flyers will play one more preseason game/puppy-drowning ceremony in the Spectrum before it's torn down.

Southeast Division

-Thrashers forward and former Penguin Colby Armstrong is no Rod Brind'Amour.
-Being a hockey player in South Florida ain't cheap.

Central Division
-Former Red Wings forward Steve Yzerman says if you're thinking about retiring, make sure you really want to.

Northwest Division
-Don't dust off that old Mats Sundin Nordiques jersey anytime soon.
-Wild general manager Doug Risebrough took the blame for signing former forward Mark Parrish to a bad deal.

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