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Here are the other videos of the Penguins delivering season ticket packages to fans from last week: 

Marc-Andre Fleury - Hal Gill was waiting behind a car to take out that lady in the lime green shirt who refused to hold the door for Fleury


Sergei Gonchar - Gonchar actually was assessed a hooking penalty when he petted those dogs.


Maxime Talbot - Why does that guy behind Talbot holding a beer at the 0:55 mark seem as if he just wondered in off the street?


Brooks Orpik - Is it us, or does Orpik seem like he was really uncomfortable being polite to those people instead of checking them?


Tyler Kennedy - Kennedy made a delivery to the House of Hockey in Monroeville. He was still stuck on Business Route 22 as of the time of this posting.


Pascal Dupuis - We wonder if Dupuis thought he would see a bunch of 22-year old hairdressers with big wedding rings when he walked into that 84 Lumber office.


Jeff Taffe - Something tells us Michel Therrien comes up with his line combinations the same way that kid stacks his copies of "Ice Time." And how about him calling his old number, 38, "terrible?" The weight of being compared to Jan Hrdina must've been too much.




-Defenseman Ben Lovejoy is a quick learner.

-The Penguins fell, 5-2, to the Panthers in the prospect tournament in Kitchener, Ont.

-Chances are, Penguins prospect Tim Wallace had a far more interesting summer than you did. He saw a bear eat a moose while golfing.

-Recent history isn't on the Penguins' side. Of the past 11 Stanley Cup runners-up, only one has been able to win at least one playoff round the following season.

-Astute EN reader Ryan Kok noticed the attendance of Saturday's Pirates game was 17,132.

 Southeast Division

-WXXA-TV in Albany, N.Y. is reporting former Penguins forward Matt Murley has an agreed to a two-way deal with the Hurricanes.

-Another Capitals blogger is mad at us. This time it's A View From the Cheap Seats.

Central Division

-The Red Wings might have another diamond in the rough from Sweden on their roster. And this one has an awesome nickname; Hat Trick Dick Axelsson.

Pacific Division

-Stars forward Mike Modano is hungry again.

-For some reason, the Ducks aren't all that committed to giving their captaincy to Scott Niedermayer who wasn't exactly that interested in playing last season or Chris Pronger who takes stupid selfish penalties from time to time.

-Team Canada is trying to bring back Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky as the team's general manager for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Smythe Division

-Center Ice is getting upgraded for this season.

-Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo found video evidence of Slovakia's dominance in women's hockey.

-Is the NHL better off on Versus instead of ESPN?

-The KHL is actually good for NHL general managers in one aspect. If you have a bad contract on the books, the KHL can take it off.

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