Penguins 4, Islanders 3 - 11-08-08

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-Iowa just beat Penn State.

-We don't know why we're bring that up in this forum. It just felt topical.

-Rob King informs us Dany Sabourin will start for the Penguins tonight. Interesting.

-By the looks of the brief shot of warm ups FSN Pittsburgh gave up, the Islanders will be wearing their beautiful throwback uniforms tonight.

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-Darryl Sydor and Paul Bissonnette are scratched for the Penguins.

-Mark Eaton will play for the first time after being a healthy scratch the past two games.

-The Islanders do not have any scratches listed.

-Joey MacDonald will play in net for New York.

-These "Quick Mick" commercials have to go:


19:30: Rob Scuderi collects a puck at the right point and fires a quick slapper. It hits Miroslav Satan in the foot.

17:52: The puck gets chipped out of play for approximately the 32nd time already. Wonder if there's an issue with the ice tonight?

17:30: Evgeni Malkin get hit in the hand with a puck. He drops his glove and coasts to the bench immediately.

16:40: Sidney Crosby zips in on net and snaps a wrister. MacDonald saves it and covers the rebound.

16:15: Malkin can be seen on the bench icing his hand.

15:23: Matt Cooke seperates an Islander from the puck with a check along the boards.

15:13: Eaton blasts a puck on net. MacDonald makes the save.

14:37: Malkin returns to the ice.

12:41: Pascal Dupuis puts a quick shot on net that MacDonald knocks away.

11:41: Coming out of commercial, Dan Potash shares a photo of Penguins goaltending coach Gilles Meloche's Minnesota North Stars jersey:


11:11: Sabourin scoops up a puck dumped in on net.

10:40: Maxime Talbot is sent off for slashing.

10:05: Doug Weight dusts off his slapshot and blasts one from the left point. Despite traffic, Sabourin is able to glove it.

8:40: The Penguins kill off the penalty and don't allow the Islanders to put much on net offensively.

7:57: Andy Hilbert tried to tag Malkin in the neutral zone. Malkin shrugs of the check and Hilbert falls to the ice.

6:51: Kris Letang juuuuust beats an Islander for an icing call.

3:37: Doug Weight scores. Bill Guerin and Andy Hilbert get assists. Sorry for the delay folks. Our dish konked out for a few moments here. Islanders 1-0.

0:00: End of period. Islanders 1, Penguins 0.


-New York had a 5-3 edge in shots.

-Doug Weight has two.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 12-9.

-Jordan Staal is 5-for-6.

-Brooks Orpik leads the game with 10:31 of ice time.

-Mark Streit leads the Islanders with 8:14.

-Andy Sutton leads the game with three blocked shots.

-Apparently Rob Scuderi has been from Long Island a few times this game so far. We're unable to total an accurate count due to our technical issues here. Sorry.

-Paul Steigerwald mentions that the quality of the ice is in question.


19:48: Bob Errey mentions that Evgeni Malkin is not on the Penguins' bench or the ice to start the period.

17:44: Wow what a pretty play. Tyler Kennedy comes up ice with the puck and dishes it to the great Mike Zigomanis in the slot. With Cooke in front screening MacDonald, Zigomanis dishes it back to Kennedy who puts the puck behind an out-of-place MacDonald. Steigerwald busts out the "Tyler the Tiger" line. Zigomanis and Cooke get assists. Islanders 1, Penguins 1.

15:58: Potash informs the world that Malkin's return is questionable. Brett Skinner is called for hooking.

15:25: MacDonald covers a loose puck. Talbot digs for it. A few Islanders take exception and jump Talbot. Malkin returns to the ice.

15:02: Malkin blasts a one timer from the point. MacDonald kicks it out.

13:58: Skinner's penalty expires. The Penguins looked good with the man advantage, they got a lot of pucks on net. MacDonald was up to the task.

13:23: Malkin pushes the puck up into the offensive zone and gets Weight to take a slashing penalty. Malkin's talent created that penalty.

 11:41: Sabourin fights off a shorthanded shot by Hilbert.

11:23: The Islanders kill off the penalty. The Penguins didn't have much of an attack there.

11:10: Mark Eaton loses the puck in neutral ice. Weight and Tim Jackman generate a two-on-one against Kris Letang. Letang slides down to block a passing or shooting lane but he slides totally out of the play. Weight holds the puck and then rips a wrister. Sabourin makes the inital save but Jackman is there to clean up the garbage and puch the puck into the net. Weight and Sutton get assists. Islanders 2-1.

10:12: Errey informs us that Scuderi is from Long Island.

7:05: The Islanders ice the puck. Things have slowed down to the point that we're making notes of icing calls.

7:01: Off a faceoff, Orpik blasts a slapper wide of the net.

6:44: Weight and Petr Sykora accidently collide in the neutral zone. Sykora put his hands up at the last second to save himself. Weight never saw it coming and absorbs the worst of it. Sykora goes and gives Weight a pat on the back.

5:30: The Penguins just looked brutal on defense there. Kyle Okposo controls the puck along the boards. Alex Goligoski is alone in no-man's land halfway between Okposo and HIlbert in the crease. Okposo zips a pass into the slot to Hilbert. Hilbert controls it, spins and backhands a shot by Sabourin. Eaton was way out of place on that play. Okposo and Sutton get assists. Islanders 3-1.

4:47: Mike Comrie pushes the puck up ice and whips a wrister on net. Sabourin kicks it out with his right leg.

3:59: What a time for Jordan Staal to finally come through. Bruno Gervais can't control a loose puck at his blue line. Staal jumps on it. He fights off Gervais, dekes a few times and is able to shove a backhander under MacDonald and into the net. Fantastic play by Staal. The Penguins needed that to kill the Islanders' momentum. Malkin and Letang get assists. Islanders 3-2.

3:21: Bill Guerin is sent off for slashing.

2:50: Crosby banks a puck off the backboards into the slot. Satan tries to punch in the rebound but MacDonald covers the puck. Talbot and a few Islanders discuss the World Health Organization. We think.

1:39: Sean Bergenheim forces the puck up ice and gets behind Letang. Letang is able to recover some and prevent a clean shot. Bergenheim still gets the puck on net. Sabourin holds his ground despite having Bergenheim crash the net. Several players from each team jump in on the act. Sabourin is able to hold it out.

1:21: Guerin's penalty expires.

0:37: Gervais is called for slashing Cooke. That's a rough time to take a penalty.

0:00: End of period. Islanders 3, Penguins 2.

The Penguins will start the third with 1:23 of power-play time on clean ice.

 -The Islanders have a 17-11 advantage in shots.

-Satan leads the game with four.

-The Islanders own a 23-20 edege in faceoffs.

-Letang leads the game with 16:46 of ice time.

-Mark Streit leads the Islanders with 16:19.

-Andy Sutton has managed to block seven shots already.

-Oprik has three.


14:03: More dish problems folks. This has been very frustrating tonight.

12:41: Cooke "clacks" a shot off the cross bar.

 10:41: Zigomanis fires a nice wrister form the left wing. MacDonald kicks it out. Cooke is there for a rebound but can't get his stick on the puck.

9:42: Staal gets hit to the ice behind the Islanders' net by Gervais.

9:25: Malkin feeds a puck to Staal in the slot. Staal punches a quick shot on net. MacDonald kicks it out.

8:56: Sykora is called for hooking. This is a big penalty kill for the Penguins.

 7:33: Sutton appears to get away with a trip against Orpik.

6:56: The Penguins do a marvelous job of killing Sykora's penalty

5:34: Ruslan Fedotenko sweeps a loose puck on net from the slot. MacDonald eats it up.

4:49: Satan plays a puck into the slot but no one is there to punch it home.

4:04: Goligoski whips a wrister on net. It hits a body in front. Kennedy has a chance at a goal but he can't quite get the rebound.

3:22: Kennedy is denied by MacDonald.

3:15: Goligoski tees up a slapper from the right point. Kennedy is in front of the net and re-directs it by MacDonald. That was the product of hard work. Steigerwald busts out the " Little TIger" nonsense. Kennedy had two goals tongiht. Goligoski and Zigomanis get the assists. Islanders 3, Penguins 3.

2:14: Jeff Tambellini forces the puck up ice. Orpik cuts him off a bit but Tambellini snaps a wrister on net that Sabourin knocks out of play with his blocker.

 1:23: Errey mentions that Scuderi left the ice in discomfort.

0:32: Sabourin falls behind his net playing a puck.

0:02: The Penguins almost blew that before the period. Trent Hunter scoops up a loose puck in the corner and centers it into the slot. Franz Nielsen gets it and rips a slapper just high of the net.

0:00: End of period. Islanders 3, Penguins 3.


3:48: Weight tosses the puck on net but it hits a body and deflects away.

3:31: Dupuis blasts a slapper that flutters into the back boards.

2:03: Letang coasts into the offensive zone and tosses a wrister on net. MacDonald easily absorbs it.

1:55: Sabourin covers a puck against the cage.

1:03: The Penguins come up on a three-on-one. Letang tries to make one too many passes and fails to shoot.

0:50: Sabourin kicks out a loose puck tossed on net.

0:37: Guerin generates a mini-breakaway. Sabourin appears to poke it away at the last minute with his stick.

0:01.9: The great Mike Zigomanis gets a double minor for high sticking. The Islanders pull MacDonald for an extra attacker. After a faceoff win, Hunter fires a shot wide of the net.

0:00: End of period. Islanders 3, Penguins 3.


-Weight goes first. He charges down the middle and goes with a simple backhander. Sabourin's left leg keeps it out.

-Sykora is first for the Penguins. He carefully glides in, gets MacDonald to commit and chips a backhander over him with a nifty move. Penguins 1-0.

-Guerin coasts down the middle, lifts his leg and fires a shot Sabourin denies.

-Satan approaches the net and fires a wrister that MacDonald fights off with his blocker.

-Hunter comes down the middle and fires a wrister into Sabourin's equipment, literally. The puck sneaks into his leg pad. Sabourin slides into the net a bit. Officials seem hesitant to make a call and wave a no goal. Sabourin drops his glove and digs the puck out with his bare hand and flips it out on to the ice. Officials review the play. Replay seem to show Sabourin go over the goal line with the puck presumably in his equipment, but you could not literally see the puck go over the line. After a lenghty review, the on-ice call is confirmed. End of shootout. Penguins 1, Islanders 0. End of game. Penguins 4, Islanders 3.


-What an odd game. Lots of just weird plays. The condition of the ice certainly didn't help matters. Lots of players slipping everywhere.

-Our apologies for a sub-par performance with the blog tonight. We had some technical issues and we were also feeling a little under the weather tonight as well. We promise to be in tip-top shape for Tuesday's big game against Detroit.

-The Penguins ended up with a 32-22 advantage in shots.

-Kennedy led the game with six shots.

-Weight topped the Islanders with five.

-The Penguins had a 34-31 edge in faceoffs.

-The great Mike Zigomanis was 8-for-12.

-Letang played a mamouth 29:49 of ice time to lead the Penguins.

-Streit led the Islanders with 28:36.

-Sutton had eight blocked shots.

-Orpik led the Penguins with four.

-Kennedy got a shaving cream pie to the face following the game:

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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