Penguins 5, Flyers 4 - 11-13-08

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You are reading live from Mellon Arena. We didn't walk up from downtown today since it's pretty much completely dark out and our phone can't really take great photos at night.

We did snap this one shot of Fifth Avenue Place though on our walk to the T Station at Gateway Center:

-A brave Flyers fan on Centre Ave.:

-Mellon Arena:

-The ice:

-With Daniel Briere out due to an injury, the Flyers are going to use defenseman Lasse Kukkonen as a center.

-Some jerseys we've seen:

-Jaromir Jagr:

-Colby Armstrong:

-Another Jagr:

-Daniel Briere:

-We think we scared this guy who was wearing this Whalers hoodie:

-They're sure selling the heck out of the "new" blue jerseys:

-There's something just off about a powder blue shirt with the word "Satan" on it:

-Warm ups:

 -Cotton candy heeeee!!!! Cotton candy heeee!!!

-Martin Biron and Marc-Andre Fleury are your starters in net tonight.

-The Flyers have scratched Briere and Riley Cote.

-Rob Scuderi will play tonight. The Penguins' scratches are Darryl Sydor and Paul Bissonnette.

-We neglected to mention this the last Penguins' home game, but they have brought back the projection video on the ice that was used during the playoffs last season:

-The Penguins take to the ice to some scattered "LET'S GO PENS!" chants.

-Jeff Jimerson makes his triumphant return to Mellon Arena:

-Jordan Staal is announced as a starter. That brings a very loud cheer from the crowd.



19:32: Andreas Nodl re-directs a puck just wide of the net.

18:51: Kimmo Timonen holds the puck behind his net for several seconds. He is showered with boos.

18:44: Sidney Crosby is called for tripping. Rob Scuderi, Hal Gill, the great Mike Zigomanis and Pascal Dupuis are on for the penalty kill.

17:46: Maxime Talbot pesters Kimmo Timonen for a puck in the neutral zone. Timonen puts a hand on him. That's two minutes for holding. We'll have four-on-four for 1:02.

17:27: Fleury gloves a shot from the right wing and freezes play.

17:14: Tyler Kennedy has a chance near the net but Biron pokes the puck away from him.

16:44: Crosby's penalty expires. The Penguins will have a power play for 58 seconds.

16:39: With a faceoff in the Flyers' zone, Zigomanis is on with Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Crosby and Alex Goligoski. Michel Therrien is showing a lot of confidence in Zigomanis.

15:47: As Letang wipes out Mike Richards behind the Penguins' net, Timonen's penalty expires without much an attack from the Penguins.

14:43: Fleury kicks out a wrister by Scottie Upshall from the left wing.

14:03: Crosby weeves through the Flyers defense and puts a shot low on net. Biron kicks it out. Letang corrals the rebound and tosses it on net. It hits a body and rebounds to the corner. Nifty move by Crosby to set that sequence up.


12:54: Kennedy grabs a loose puck in the netural zone, enters the Flyers zone and dishes it to Matt Cooke on the left wing. Cooke rips a wrister that beats Biron on the far side on his glove side. It's Cooke's first goal as a Penguin. It's a sloppy goal for Biron to give up. Kennedy and Letang get the assists. The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 1-0.

12:25: During a stoppage, Hal Gill's 800th career game is acknowledged.

11:42: Malkin and Ruslan Fedotenko dish some nifty passes before Fedotenko pushes a shot juuuust wide.

11:00: Crosby snaps a quick shot off in traffic that Biron kicks out.

10:18: Kennedy gets away with a bit of a trip on a Flyers player.


9:06: Dupuis rips a wrister from the left point that Biron easily gloves.

8:52: Crosby steals a pass in the Flyers' zone, fights off a check and snaps a quick shot off while falling. Biron is able to kick it aside.

8:23: Brooks Orpik slams Richards into the corner.

8:11: Orpik is called for hooking. Gill, Scuderi, Dupuis and the great Mike Zigomanis are on for the penalty kill.

6:11: The Penguins kill the penalty. The Flyers looked awful on that power play. The were very disorganized.

5:37: Scuderi juuust avoids a check in the corner by Josh Gratton.

5:05: Gratton throws a puck on net from the corner. Fleury is able to keep it out.

4:55: Fedotentko cruises into the offensive zone and whips a wrister on net. Biron eats it up.

4:22: Malkin pursues a puck in the cornerwith Braydon Coburn trailing him. Coburn wipes him out in the corner. Officials halt play. Some Penguins come over to let Coburn know their feelings on the true elevation of Mount Agung. We think.  Coburn gets two minutes for holding. Malkin, Crosby, the great Mike Zigomanis, Miroslav Satan and Goligoski are on for the power play.

3:28: Goligoski snaps a pass from the left point to Satan who is just right of the net. Satan re-directs just wide.

2:40: Letang bangs Timonen to the ice with a shoulder check along the boards.

2:21: Coburn's penalty expires.

2:10: Fleury kicks out a shot from the right point.

1:53: Matt Carle tosses a shot on net from the left point. Despite some traffic, Fleury nabs it.

0:34: Gill fires a slapper wide of the cage from the left point.

0:02: Scott Hartnell fires a quick slapper on net that a Penguins player blocks with his leg.

0:00: End of period. Joe Satriani's "Crowd Chat" plays us into the intermission. Penguins 1, Flyers 0.


-The Flyers looked very tenative that period. The Penguins took what they were given and cashed it in for a one-goal lead.

-Philadelphia actually has a 7-6 edge in shots.

-Crosby leads the game with two.

-The Flyers have a 10-5 advantage in faceoffs.

-The great Mike Zigomanis is the only Penguins player at 50 percent in faceoffs (2-for-4).

-Richards is 4-for-5.

-Timonen leads the game in ice time at 9:33.

-Scuderi leads the Penguins with 9:24. What injury?

-Letang leads the game with two blocked shots.


19:45: Joffrey Lupul works his way up ice and whips a wrister on net from the left wing. Fleury eats it up.

18:49: Malkin absolutely created a goal out of nothing there. He tosses a puck into the slot for Fedotenko. Fedotenko loses it for a slit second. Malkin picks it up and put by Biron. There's only two other players in the building that could've done that and one of them is in the owner's suite sucking down some Merlot. The other lives in that dude's house. Fedotenko and Petr Sykora get assists. "Hey Song." Penguins 2-0.

18:15: Nodl is denied in the slot by Fleury.

17:27: 17,132.

17:07: The great Mike Zigomanis can't quite put a puck by a prone Biron in the crease.

16:47: Jeff Carter is called for tripping the great Mike Zigomanis at neutral ice. Crosby, Sykora, Malkin, Goligoski and Satan take the ice.

16:09: Crosby takes a pass at the blue line, fights through a stick check and lifts a backhander by Biron on the glove side. That's another weak goal for Biron to give up. On top of that, Coburn is called for hooking. The Flyers will be on a penalty kill again. Sykora and Satan get the assists. "Hey Song." The Flyers call a time out to get organized. Goligoski, Malkin, Crosby, Sykora and Satan take the ice again. Penguins 3-0.

15:15: Goligoski tees up a slapper from the left point that misses the net.

14:54: Goligoski knocks a Flyers' helmet off with a check.

14:48: Play is halted as an official is hit in back of the head with a puck.

14:09: Coburn's penalty expires.

14:00: Biron covers a shot by Fedotenko.

12:14: Hartnell tosses a puck into the slot. It deflects off Letang and gets by Fleury low. Carter is there to bang it home. It's a garbage goals but the Flyers will take it. Hartnell and Upshall get assists. Penguins 3-1.

11:48: Play is haled as Sykora is laying on the ice stunned. As a Hartnell is sent off for charging, Scottie Upshall shows some class and tries to start something with Sykora. Crosby, Goligoski, Malkin and Satan are on the ice.

11:08: A shot from the point by Goligoski is blocked. Simon Gagne outraces him for the puck in the neutral zone, fights off a check and beats Fleury with a nifty backhander for a shorthanded goal. The Flyers have quickly gotten back in this game. Superb effort by Gagne. The goal is unassisted. Penguins 3-2.

9:58: Richards fires a wrister that is blocked by a Penguins' defender.

9:48: Hartnell's penalty comes to an end with a weak effort by the Penguins with the man advantage.

9:41: Talbot is sent off for hooking. Gill, the great Mike Zigomanis, Scuderi and Staal are on for the penalty kill.

9:15: Fleury covers a puck in the crease. A little scrum breaks out. Matt Cooke and Pascal Dupuis join Gill and Scuderi on the ice.

8:35: Carle fires a slapper from the right point that Fleury knocks away.

8:16: Carter shoots a slapper from the left wing. Mark Eaton is there to block it.

7:53: Malkin controls the puck on the left wing, drags it in and rips a wrister that totally misses the net.

7:29: Just as Talbot's penalty expires, Staal pushes a puck up to him in the neutral zone. he pushes it up the ice on a breakaway. Luca Sbisa chops his feet out from him. Talbot can't get a shot on net. Sbisa is called for tripping. Crosby, Goligoski, Malkin, Sykora and Satan take the ice.

7:08: Crosby and a few Flyers exchange words in the corner over The Police's "Synchronicity." We think.

6:04: Ugh. Another shorthanded goal for Gagne? After the Penguins fail to get a shot off in the slot, Richards pushes it up ice into the Penguins' zone. He slides a cross ice pass who fires a one-timer high by Fleury on the glove side. That was a poor goal for Fleury to give up. Richards and Andrew Alberts get assists. Flyers 3, Penguins 3.

5:29: Sbisa's penalty expires.

3:56: Crosby knocks Carle to the ice behind the Flyers' net.

3:11: Orpik gets away with a bit of trip on Upshall.


1:39: Carle whips a wrister on net from the left point. Fleury eats it up despite traffic.

1:28: Talbot whips a quick wrister on net that Biron juuust gets a left toe on.

0:58: Coburn blasts a slapper from the left point. Just as Fleury eats it up, Eaton sends Upshall crashing into the net. That's two minutes for interference. Gill, Scuderi, Staal and the great Mike Zigomanis are on for the kill.

0:51: Right off the faceoff, Carle blasts a one timer that rings off the post and out of play.

0:04: That was a garbage goal but it counts regardless. Carle slides a pass to Timonen at the left point. Timonen tosses a wrister into a cluster of bodies in front of the net. It pops up in the air and into the cage. That just shows you it's always good to put pucks on the net. Joffrey Lupul gets credit for the goal. Timonen and Carle get assists. This has been a terrible period for the Penguins. A complete collapse. Fittingly, Rod Stewart's "Some Guys Have All the Luck" is played. Flyers 4-3.

0:00: End of period. "Crowd Chant." Flyers 4, Penguins 3.


-Give the Flyers credit. They have every excuse to pack it in after going down 3-0. They didn't have a lot going for them. But as we learned Tuesday night, seemingly no lead is safe in this league.

-The Flyers have a 24-16 lead in shots.

-Carter leads the game with five.

-Crosby leads the Penguins with three.

-Philadelphia has a 23-18 advantage in faceoffs.

-Crosby is 9-for-16.

-Carter and Richards are each 9-for-15.

-Timonen has already logged a whopping 20:26 of ice time to lead the game.

-Scuderi is tops on the Penguins with 15:05.

-Eaton and Letang each lead the game with three blocked shots.

-We completely failed to mention that tonight's a Student Rush night. Kudos to the Penguins to take a game against their biggest rival and make $20 tickets available.

-Dany Sabourin has taken over for Fleury in net. We guess it was Fleury's fault the Flyers had a breakaway and a two-on-one on the penalty kill.


19:17: Upshall test Sabourin early with a wrister in the slot. Sabourin knocks it away with his blocker.

17:23: Kukkonen gets away with a bit of trip on Kennedy in the corner.

16:55: A shot by Goligoski is blocked by Hartnell who dropped to the ice to make the play.

16:12: Hartnell tosses the puck on net from the neutral zone. Sabourin gloves it and freezes play.

15:28: From the left point, Orpik whips a wrister on net. Despite some traffic around him, Biron easily eats it up.

14:21: Staal brings the puck into the offensive zone and tries to make a move around Sbisa. Sbisa holds his ground and knocks Staal off the puck.

13:46: Kennedy knocks Sbisa with a nice check into the boards.


11:58: Eaton smacks a slapper from the right point that goes wide of the cage.

11:23: As a Flyers player approaches the net with the puck, Sabourin backs into the post and knocks the cage off.

11:01: Carter snaps a wrister on net that Sabourin kick out with a "CLACK!"

10:19: Nodl whips a wrister on net from the slot. Sabourin is up to the task and makes the save. It is announced that Satan's assist on Crosby's goal is his 700th career point.

8:45: Malkin dishes a puck into the slot for Crosby. Crosby appears to whiff a bit on the shot which goes wide.

8:27: Goligoski whips a wrister on net that Biron appears to kick aside.

8:07: Lupul is called for high sticking. Crosby, Satan, Malkin, Goligoski and Sykora are on for the power play. It's a little early to call this do-or-die for the Penguins, but this is obviously a big opportunity.

6:57: Crosby attempt a pass from the corner to a man on the point. A Flyers defender appears to get a stick on it and it deflects out of the zone.

6:06: Just as the penalty expires, Kennedy snaps a wrister on net that Biron gloves despite something of a screen.

6:03: Right off a faceoff, Dupuis fires a wrister that is blocked.

5:45: Dupuis fires another wrister from the left wing. Biron eats it up.


 4:11: Upshall whips a rising wrister on net from the left wing. Sabourin eats it up. A few folks are already leaving the game. Why even buy the ticket.

3:42: Gagne goes for the hat trick. Sabourin deflects his wrister away with glove.

3:11: Staal puts a wrister on net from in tight. Biron keeps it out.

2:33: Just when the Penguins needed a break to go their way, it does. Richards tries to pass the puck from behind his net. It hits off Talbot by the net. The puck almost slides onto Crosby's blade by design in the slot. He rips it by Biron. What a lucky break. But they'll take it. Paul Bissonnette is sitting next to us and let out an exclamation that we can't repeat in this forum. Talbot and Malkin get assists. "Hey Song." Flyers 4, Penguins 4.


1:01: Gagne fires a shot that Sabourin fights off.

0:16: Scuderi blasts a slapper that Biron kicks out.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 4, Penguins 4.


-The Flyers have a 32-27 advantage in shots.


3:49: Crosby darts through the Flyers' defense, using Carle like a pylon, and snaps a low wrister that Biron is able to fight off.

2:43: Lupul fires a slapper. His stick breaks on him and the puck knuckles in. Sabourin has a little trouble with it but is able to cover it.

2:12: Orpik tosses a puck on net from the left point. Biron kicks it out with is left foot. Satan is there for the rebound but before he can touch it, Carle knocks it away.

1:56: Timonen blasts a slapper from the right point that misses the mark.

1:40: Sabourin knocks away a one-timer from the right point.

1:02: Malkin has a chance in the neutral zone to move the puck up ice but Sbisa rubs him out of the play with a nice check on the boards.

0:54: Malkin grabs a loose puck and snaps a wrister off in the crease. Biron makes a fine save. Michel Therrien calls a time out to organize an Uno tournament. We think.

0:02: Richards gets the period's final scoring chance as he take the puck down the right wing, goes to the outside on a defender and fires a shot that hits the side of the cage.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 4, Penguins 4.


-Sykora goes first. Before he takes the puck, "Marrrr.... Teeeeee... Marrrr... Teee....." chants rain down. Sykora glides in and snaps a low wrister to the stick side. Biron stands his ground.

-Gagne goes for the Flyers. He goes wide, shows the forehand, goes to the backhand at the last minute. Sabourin is able to poke it away despite being on his butt.

-Letang works up the middle, dekes a few times and is denied.

-Richards zips in, stops on a dime, dekes and tries to shoot into an open cage. Sabourin stick is able to keep the puck out somehow.

-Crosby chugs down ice and shoots stick side on Biron. His shot misses the net.

-Carter comes down the middle and goes with the backhand. Sabourin is able to knock it away.

-Malkin comes down the middle, slides to the backhander and can't quite get it by Biron.

-Timonen flies down ice, and tries to lift a bkachander on Sabourin but hits the post.

-Satan works his way down the middle, makes a few too many moves and fails to get a decent shot off.

-Lupul goes directly down the slot and shoots five hole. Sabourin closes the gates.

-Goligoski?  Hmm.... He dekes a few times and is finally able to sneak it by Biron on the forehand. Penguins 1-0.

-Hartnell is greeted with boos. He comes down ice, loses the puck for a moment, fakes a slapper and almost runs out of room before he can do anything. He falls over Sabourin who stop Hartnell's "shot." Officials seperate the two before anything can occur. End of shootout. Penguins 1, Flyers 0. End of game. The "Woo-Hoo!" song is played. Penguins 5, Flyers 4.


-Are we alone in thinking the Penguins were lucky to come away with a win in this game? How often can you give up two shorthanded goals and come away with a win? If it weren't for Richards being a little sloppy behind his net with the puck and a fortunate bounce towards the end of the third period, the Flyers win this 4-3.

-That said, what a entertaining show. What is it about the Penguins which denies them from playing a great deal of ho-hum boring contests?

-In addition to the shorthanded goals, the Penguins were 1-for-7 on the power play. And they only managed two shots on those seven power plays. Two. Yeesh.

-The Flyers had four shots shorthanded alone.

-How about Dany Sabourin stepping in and holding the fort in the third period? And then completely shutting down the Flyers' in the shootout.

-Malkin extended his point-scoring streak to 12 games.

-The Flyers had a 35-31 advantage in shots.

-Carter led the game with seven.

-Crosby led the Penguins with six.

-The Flyers had a 32-29 edge in faceoffs.

-Zigomanis topped the Penguins going 7-for-11.

-Richards was the on the Flyers going 15-for-22.

-Timonen led the game with 30:13 of ice time.

-Crosby led the Penguins with 24:34.

-Mark Eaton came back with a vengeance and blocked five shots.

-Most importantly perhaps, EN friend Jason Yarosik alerted us to a change in the nacho cheese at Mellon Arena tonight. We were unable to confirm this report independently. If you can support or deny this claim, please alert us.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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