Getting it - 1-24-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

We've spoken ill of the All-Star Lame Game just about every chance we can in this forum, but we have to admit, Alex Ovechkin (with a bit of an assist from his good buddy Evgeni Malkin) put on a pretty nice show tonight:

-Ovechkin reminds us of Bengals receiver Chad Johnson, minus the distractions. Ovechkin, like Johnson, "gets it" in that he's in the entertainment business. Sports are just like movies, music and videos games. They're all competing for your entertinament dollar. Far too many folks in the world of hockey don't realize this. Ovechkin does.

-Unlike Johnson, Ovechkin doesn't all his showmanship to become a distraction to his team. He's found a way to please fans but to also realize he's part of a team.

-Malkin won the accuracy shooting contest going 4-for-4 in the first round and 3-for-4 in the second round.

-Edmonton's Andrew Cogliano won fastest skater.

-Ovechkin won the breakaway challenge with the above performance.

-The rookies won the YoungStars Game, 9-5. Kris Letang scored a goal for the sophomores.

-Boston's Zdeno Chara won the hardest shot with a blast of 105.4 MPH.

-Phoenix's Shane Doan won the elmination shootout.

-Full results.

(Photo: Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

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