Picture this (Old school) - 3-26-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

Jarrett Rathke and his father, Bob Rathke, keep sending us some just fantastic vintage photos of the Civic Arena. Today's batch feature some shots of the Pittsburgh Hornets:

-In the days before helmets you could recognize the players without seeing their numbers. 45 years later I still remember the names of the players I see in these photos: Pete Goegan, Claude LaForge, Hank Bassen, Murray Hall. Even referee John Ashley.

-Hornets player/coach Vic Stasiuk signing autographs in January, 1964. Red Wings style uniform, flat-bladed stick, no helmet and stitches in forehead.

-Besides the sparse crowds, note that there are no lights hanging over the ice. In the early years of the Arena, the only illumintion came from the floodlights inside the dome roof - the ice was not very bright.

Post-game public skate following the Hornets-Rochester game.

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