Penguins at Capitals - Game 7 - Third Period - 5-13-09

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19:34: Awful way for the Capitals to start the period. Brooks Laich gets his stick up high on Crosby. The stick draws blood and drops Crosby. Play is halted. The natives get restless. And start "CROS-BEE SUCKS! CROS-BEE SUCKS!" chant. For an injured player. Way to be classy Washington. It's a four-minute double minor.

18:50: Gonchar snaps a half slapper from the right point. It gets deflected wide.

17:58: Washington is desperate for offense and has Ovechkin and Green on for the penalty kill. They're not exactly known for their defense. Ovechkin has a chance at the left point and gets knocked off the puck by Satan. The puck is knocked loose. Crosby steals it and is off to the races. He moves in on Theodore, slows down and snaps a quick wrister through his five hole. Who sucks? The goal is unassisted. Satan should probably get one for knocks the puck away from Ovechkin. He does a quiet little fist bump with Boucher to celebrate. if he didn't suck he would jump into the boards and rub it in the Capitals' faces we suppose. Penguins 6-1.

14:38: Chris Clark has a seemingly easy garbage goal in the crease but fans on the shot a bit and chucks it into Fleury and a cluster of bodies.

13:24: Tomas Fleischmann coasts in from the right wing with a little too much ease and chips a puck at Fleury. The Penguins netminder kicks it out. Brooks Laich jumps on the rebound and punches it into the cage. The Capitals had no problem scoring that one. The Penguins cant' get too lax here. Fleischmann gets the only assist. Penguins 6-2.


8:44: Milan Jurcina steals a puck at the left point and zips a cross crease pass to Tom Poti to the right of the cage. Before Poti can make contact with the puck, Boucher swats it away.

8:17: Boucher comes up with another nice defensive play and blocks a wrister by Clark from the left wing.

7:16: Erskine snaps off a wrister from the left point. Fleury blocks it away.

6:14: Craig Adams snaps off a wrister from the left faceoff circle. Theodore snags it.

3:48: Brooks Laich comes into the offensive zone with a head of steam and cranks a slapper wide.

2:01: After about five minutes of lifeless play from both teams, the fans still here offer their team a standing ovation for a wonderful season and offer a final session of (HORN, HORN HORN) "LET'S GO CAPS!" Pretty nice gesture.

0:11: Boucher gives Beagle a forearm to the ice.

0:02: Talbot skates over to Fleury and gives him a hug.

0:00: End of game. Each team surrounds their goaltender. Penguins 6, Capitals 2. End of series. Penguins 4, Capitals 3.

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