Penguins at Hurricanes - Game 3 - Third Period - 5-23-09

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20:00: The Hurricanes need to figure out how to get a power play in this game and they have to cash it in.

18:08: Eaves snaps a wrister at the cage through traffic from the left wing. Fleury hangs on for the save.

18:02: What a huge goal. Off a faceoffs, Erik Cole snaps off a wrister from the left faceoff circle. Fleury makes the save but gives up a bad rebound. Samsonov is in the crease and tosses a wrister that flutters by Fleury on the glove side. Can't give up a rebound like that. Samsonov made a nice effort to stick with that though. Cole and Pitkanen get assists. Penguins 3-2.

17:15: Samsonov backhand chips a puck juuust wide of the cage. Fleury didn't see that.

16:51: Talbot gets set loose on a breakaway on a long torpedo pass by Malkin. He moves in on net and shoots to Ward's glove side. Ward comes up with a huge clutch kick save. Wow. Ward has been fantastic this game.

16:40: Pitkanen was responsible for allowing Talbot on that breakaway. Color commentator Darryl Reaugh says something to the effect of "I don't know if Joni Pikanen forgot his mind... or what... but that's inexcusable."

16:08: Ward denies Jordan Staal from the slot. Kennedy can't punch in the rebound. Another huge save by Ward.

13:02: Eric Staal whips a shot at the net on a wraparound. Fleury makes the save. LaRose digs for a rebound but nothing doing.

12:22: Gonchar hits Walker from behind. Walker's head goes into the boards. He's not in good shape and is laying facedown on the ice. Gonchar gets two minutes for boarding. He kind of hit Walker from the side, but that's the right call. It's Carolina's first power play of the game. Big two minutes here.

11:42: Fleury fights off a wrister by Eric Staal coming off the right wing.

11:12: Versus just reported Walker went to the Carolina dressing room.

10:52: Fleury hangs on to a wrister by Brind'Amour.

10:46: Fiiinalllleeee... we get a:

10:22: Gonchar's penalty is killed. Big kill there.

9:23: Gleason gets a pass on the left wing and has a clean shot but can't handle the puck cleanly.

9:12: Kunitz sprawls out and blocks a slapper by Wallin on the right point.

8:44: Eric Staal snaps a wirster from a tough angle through the crease.

8:31: Wow. Was that huge. Malkin moves into the offensive zone against Corvo and moves into the slot. He leaves a drop pass. Fedotenko picks it up and rips a wrister over Corvo's stick and the crook of Ward's elbow on his glove side. It hits twine and a quiet roar of Penguins fans can be heard on television. That was a pretty shot. Malkin gets the only assist. Penguins 4-2.

6:41: Corvo chops a slapper from the top of the slot and Kunitz gets a piece of it.

6:03: LaRose swoops behidn the net, come around and whips a wrister at the cage. Fleury fights it off.

5:24: Eaves works the puck around the net, comes around and clanks a wrister off the side of the post.

5:06: Kennedy cranks a slapper from the right wing. Ward makes the save. Staal punches the rebound back at Ward who hangs on for a save. As Staal shoots, he gets clobbered in the head by an elbow by Eaves. Staal is slow to recover. How is that not a penalty? That was really blatant. If this were an IIHF sanctioned game, where the rule book is actually enforced, Eaves could've been suspended.

3:41: Malkin completely dumps Cullen in front of the penalty boxes. Malkin is stunned and lumbers over to his bench in a daze. Replays show Malkin getting away with an elbow of his own.

3:26: Satan is called for interference. This is a must for the Hurricanes. They must have a goal here.

3:08: Fleury eats up a slapper by Jokinen from the right wing.

2:50: Whitney gets denied in tight twice by Fleury.

2:40: Corvo trips up Matt Cooke at the left point. Cooke embellished the penalty a bit. Either way, it's four-on-four for 1:13. That might've virtually ended Carolina's season there.

2:30: Paul Maurice is going for broke and pulls Ward.

2:19: With the faceoff in the neutral zone, Ward returns to net.

2:09: Ward is pulled again.

1:59: An attempt for an empty net goal by Kennedy from the neutral zone is blocked at the Carolina blue line.

1:48: That. Was. Brutal. Jussi Jokinen takes a faceoff in the neutral zoneĀ  just outside the Penguins blue line. He wins it cleanly. But it coasts all the way down ice into his own net. Ugh. The Penguins are on the bench laughing. Craig Adams gets credit for the goal. It's unassisted. That was bad. But is is:

Penguins 5-2.

1:08: Geez. This is ugly. Kunitz works the puck into the offensive zone up the right wing and backhands it to Fedotenko. Fedotenko whiffs a bit on the shot. Guerin follows up and backhands the puck off Ward and into the net. Carolina's defense was awful there. Fedotenko and Kunitz get assists. Penguins 6-2.

0:32: Nice to see Ryan Bayda wasn't suspended after Game 2. Lord knows we couldn't go on without his latest contributioin. He gets into a scrum with Boucher. Remember how the league was going to crack down on message sending at the end of games? We don't either. In all fairness, Boucher seemed to be the aggressor in this skirmish. They each get two minutes for roughing.

0:00: End of game. Penguins 6, Hurricanes 2.

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