Penguins at Red Wings - Game 5 - Third Period - 6-6-09

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19:30: Play is blown dead after Cooke grabs the puck after Staal touched it with his glove.

18:07: Hossa drops Garon behind the Penguins' net. Garon's lid comes off and he goes after Hossa as if he's going to rip his head off but pulls back. Hossa gets two minutes for goaltenders intereference. Malkin, Corsby, Guerin, Letang and Gonchar are on for the power play. The comeback starts now!!!!!

17:47: Guerin smacks a loose puck on net from the left faceoff circle. Osgood fights it off.

16:22: A puck comes out to Letang at the right point. He moves in and blasts a slapper high of the cage.

16:07: Hossa's penalty is killed. A really weak effort by the Penguins.

14:39: Dupuis gets dropped along the boards near the penalty boxes.

13:40: Cleary hammers a slapper from the right faceoff circle wide.

12:46: Malkin takes another penalty. This was an accident as his stick gets caught up in Zetterberg's skates. Zetterberg takes a tumble. Two minutes for Malkin. Gill, Scuderi Cooke and Talbot are on for the penalty kill.

12:29: Samuelsson rockets a wrister from the left wing high and wide.

11:41: Adams takes a puck off Hossa at the blue line, spins and tosses it down ice.

11:11: Garon just pulled out a dazzling save. Datsyuk makes a sick pass from the left wing to Hossa in the slot. Hossa takes the pass, attempts to move to his backhand and is denied by Garon who boots it out.

10:46: Malkin's penalty is killed.

10:15: Kunitz drops FIlppula in the slot in Detroit's zone with a shoulder check.

8:35: Staal snaps off a wrister from the slot. It gets deflected on its way in. Osgood steers it away.

8:05: Letang rockets a one-timer that misses the net and clunks off the boards.

7:16: Datsyuk makes another wonderful pass. This time he hits Hossa with a cross ice pass on the right wing. Hossa races down the wing, spins and shoots wide.

5:23: A shot by Talbot gets deflected out of play.

4:53: Gill smacks a slapper from the left point that gets deflected.


4:10: Why not? More penalties. Pascal Dupuis took a real cheap shot at Kronwall and elbowed him in the back of the head. Krwonall's lid comes off. Orpik and Adams try to engage some Detroit players into some extra stuff. Adams gets a 10-minute misconduct.  Cooke, Talbot, Eaton and Orpik are on for the penalty kill. If we're Mike Babcock, we stick the top power play unit out there and embarrass the Penguins more if they're going to do cheap stuff like that.

3:27: Cooke hammers a slapper that gets deflected wide.


2:29: Kennedy and Stuart have a collision near the Penguins' blue line.

1:52: After Osgood mades a save off a slapper from the right point, more rough Stuff. Talbot gives a shove to Osgood who somehow manages not to flop around this time. Talbot and Cooke try to start some fights. Malkin give a Red Wing a shove in the back. None of Detroit's players bite. Malkin gets two minutes for cross checking. Cooke gets a 10-minute misconduct. Talbot is sent off the ice for something. Detroit ends up with a power play. Staal, Gill, Scuderi and the Penguins' bus driver are on to kill the penalty.


0:13: Garon fights off a wrister by Samuelsson on the right wing.

0:00: End of game. "The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors is played. Red Wings 5, Penguins 0.



-What really needs to be said after that. One game played its game. Stayed composed. The other didn't. The other team had a meltdown. The result came out as it should.

-Don't blame Marc-Andre Fleury. Don't blame Dan Bylsma. Don't blame Sidney Crosby. Don't blame Evgeni Malkin. Don't blame Hal Gill or anyone else. Blame the Penguins. The team. This was a total team effort tonight. Anyone who took the ice in a white jersey tonight can't claim a hand in that spanking.

-As we mentioned earlier, if there's a consolation to this embarrassment, it's that the Penguins gave just about everything tonight. They made stupid mistake after stupid mistake. They gave Detroit more space than it has probably seen all postseason. And the discipline was a joke. They looked like the Flyers at times tonight. Minus the road worker uniforms.

-That's not to take anything away from Detroit. The Red Wings are obviously an elite team and they jumped on the Penguins at every chance. That's what championship teams do.

-So much for Datsyuk looking rusty. He was one fo the best players out there. He played in all three zone. His backchecking was fantastic. And his passing was superb. And the scary thing is that he's not 100 percent.

-Fleury was brutal. But so was his defense.

-The Penguins started out the game with more confidence than they probably have had all series, but they weren't desperate. They played with urgency throughout most of Games 3 and 4. There wasn't any semblence of that tonight.

-Being down 2-0 in a series is a heck of a motivator as we saw in Game 3 and 4. It'll be interesting to see how much of a motivator embarrassment will be in Game 6.

-Marc-Andre Fleury will need the rebound performance of his life Tuesday night.

-Talbot's hack on Datsyuk's foot late in the second period was pretty dirty. We don't know if it's suspendable because, frankly, no one, including NHL discipline czar Colin Campbell seemingly, seems to know what you can get suspended for these days. Either way, what Talbot did was pretty low.

-It's hard to get too excited over Osgood tonight. He wasn't tested all that much. He stopped what he saw and did his job.

-That said, he did move in to some pretty elite company as he recorded his 15th career postseason shutout and moved into fourth place on the NHL's career postseason shutout list. Only Martin Brodeur (23), Patrick Roy (23) and Curtis Joseph (16) have more.

-The last shutout this postseason of the Penguins was Philadelphia's Martin Biron's 28-save effort in a 3-0 road win in Game 5 of the first round, April 23.

-A casual observer might look at the box score and think "Well Detroit got all the power plays. No wonder the won." Well yeah. The Penguins got frustrated and put a revolving door on their penalty box. They deserved to get hammered tonight.

-How big was Detroit's kill of Kronwall's penalty in the first period? They didn't allow the Penguins to set up anything in the offensive zone, spit the puck down the ice several times and created a lot of momentum and energy after that two minutes.

-If the NHL is serious about "message sending," Cooke and/or Talbot are suspended for Game 6 over their antics late in the third. Thankfully for the Penguins, Campbell and the idea of discipline in the NHL is a joke, so don't expect any punishments.

-Good Zen statistic of the day. The last team to come back and win the Stanley Cup final after losing Game 5 with the series tied, 2-2? The 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning. Who scored the Cup-clinching goal in that series? One Ruslan Fedotenko:

-The Red Wings had a 29-22 advantage in shots.

-Zetterberg led the game with six.

-Gonchar led the Penguins with four.

-The Penguins actually had a 24-21 edge in faceoffs (53 percent).

-Adams was 5-for-8 (63 percent).

-Kris Draper was 3-for-4 (75 percent).

-Lidstrom, who looked a lot better after two so-so games in Pittsburgh, led the game with 25:08 of ice time.

-Gonchar led the Penguins with 21:53.

-Scuderi and Orpik led the game with three blocked shots each.

-Maltby and Jonathan Ericsson each had two blocked shots.

-The last game that lopsidded in a Stanley Cup final was a 5-0 win home by the Hurricanes against the Oilers in Game 2, June 7, 2006.

-Mike Babcock had a rather stinging comment about the Penguins' suggestions the Red Wings were tired after Games 3 and 4:

"I don't know. When we play well do our guys talk about their team like that?"

-Game summary.

-Event summary.

-Highlights (as they were).

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