Watch the Penguins and Obama - 9-10-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

KDKA television, WTAE and CNN will each have a live streaming feed of the Penguins' appearance at the White House available through their Web sites.

Impromptu live blog

6:06 p.m.: As Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey Jr. is greasing some palms, he joined by former Penguins coach Andre Savard. Huh...? Oh wait... that's Arlen Specter!

6:10: Some voice booms over the assembled media and tells everyone to shut off their phones and pagers. Our question? Who really uses a pager these days?

6:18: We're all of 18 minutes past the expected start of this thing. Were Herb Brooks alive and still coaching the Penguins, he'd have President Obama doing a bag skate.

6:26: Booming Voice: "Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your patience. The program will begin shortly."

6:32: We assume the hold up is related to Sidney Crosby refusing to shake Obama's hand. Paul Cellucci, the former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and father in law to Penguins forward Craig Adams has been called in to defuse the situation. We think.

6:43: At this point, we going to guess Mark Eaton and Rob Scuderi are being interviewed for potential Secret Service positions. They have experience blocking shots.

6:45: The Penguins finally take to the podium led by Eric Godard. A "LET'S GO PENS" chant begins.

6:46: Obama take the podium along with Dan Bylsma. Obama apologizes for the delay due to "all these things he has to do."

6:47: Obama acknowledges the presence of a bunch of politicians. Snore.

6:48: Obama: "With the Penguins and Steelers, I guess it's a good time to be a sports fan from Pittsburgh."

6:49: "Having Mario Lemieux here is a pretty big deal."

6:51: Obama congratulates Crosby for becoming the youngest captain to win the Cup. And just as he is about to single out Evgeni Malkin, Malkin is in the middle of snapping a picture of Obama's back with his phone. That prompts a lot of laughter. Malkin sheepishly puts his phone away, then pulls it back out to snap another shot.

6:53: After pointing out the team's community service, Obama shakes Bylsma's hand and offers him the podium. Bylsma calls it a priviledge and honor to be there.

6:54: Crosby gives Obama a Penguins jersey with "Obama" and "44" on it. Brooks Orpik can't be happy. What do you suppose all these presidents do with all the jerseys and other nicknacks they collect over their terms? Is President Bush just sitting on a couch in Texas right now in a Steelers "43" jersey?

6:54: Obama: "Sidney must be really fast because there's some big hockey players, and he's not one of them."

6:55: Obama holds the Cup in front of the team for a photo. How crazy is it that since 1975, the Cup has been touched by more Presidents of Kenyan descent than Flyers!

6:55: The ceremony comes to a fairly abrupt end.

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