If you are Jeff Mullen, what do you do tonight?

Written by Colin Dunlap on .


Certainly you understand what is going on with Jeff Mullen and Dave Johnson in this game tonight, and if you don't, you can feel free to read this story that appeared in Tuesday's editions of the Post-Gazette. 

With such a unique situation, it forced something to be kicked around by a few sportswriters as we sat around and tried to get a gauge on the game.

Here is it: If you are Jeff Mullen, do you just go wide open? Deviate a bit from your normal mode of doing things, pull out all the stops you have and, heck, maybe even run a couple trick plays against N.C. State?

Again, no matter what happens in this game, your fate is the same if you are Mullen; your unit could score 96 points or gain just 20 yards and this is your last game. So, do you throw every single tactic you have at N.C. State?

Even Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien thinks Mullen might just do such a thing. When asked, here was his answer: "If I was him I would, why not?" O'Brien said.

So, with that said, what do you expect from Mullen? Any escape from the way he normally goes about his business? Something tells me there will be -- it won't be major, but he will call this game differently.

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