This Marshall thing is strange sometimes

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

For an hour or so (at least, it has been longer lately) every day, I go through the Internet and read everything I can find that involves West Virginia football. To be honest, as a beat writer, I think I owe it to myself to do so.

It aids with my coverage and keeps a pulse on things.

Late Saturday night, I noticed a very interesting piece in the Huntington (W.Va.) Herald-Dispatch. It was a column by Chuck Landon, entitled: 'Surreal WVU tale a classless soap opera'

It wasn't so much what was in this piece that struck me as anything unusual or strange, but it was the following premise: Does it seem odd to anyone else that in the span of time during the whole Marshall-Joe Manchin-West Virginia rivalry renewal talk, that very same column has, often times, been devoted to advocating how important it is for Marshall to play WVU? But now, with Dana Holgorsen's impending arrival and Oliver Luck changing some things, it seems there is a concerted effort to make a 180-degree turn and distance Marshall from West Virginia. This could, also, do with the fact that the Marshall-West Virginia series (with TCU coming into the league) would seem all but dead.

Again, to study the body of work, it just seems strange in its premise that West Virginia is often advocated as something that Marshall really, really wants (and even in a sense "needs") to strengthen its football program, but when there is any hint of strife in Morgantown, it is pounced on. To me, it looks like a classic, "you can't have it both ways" point of view and would sour Mr. Luck to wanting to go out of his way to make a deal happen with Marshall.


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