Jock Sanders has Bill Stewart's back

Written by Colin Dunlap on .


West Virginia senior receiver Jock Sanders had some very, very interesting things to say last night as a few of us spoke to him. As has been stated on this blog before, Sanders is one of my favorites; he speaks his mind with the media and has always been candid, open and honest.

The line of questioning last night turned to his feelings about head coach Bill Stewart, a man who has been under fire by some in the fan base. Well, it is safe to say Sanders has Stewart's back: 

“He’s a man that knows what he’s doing and obviously knows what he’s talking about,” Sanders said of Stewart. “He’s a great coach. I’m glad to be coached by him my last three years that I have been here. It is a blessing.”

And there was also this: 

“I am going to miss it all,” Sanders said. “I am going to continue to come back; I am going to miss this place.”

Also, I asked Sanders if he thinks people on the outside of the West Virginia program might think Stewart, and his sayings and nature, could be a bit hokey or corny? Here is what he had to say:

“Don’t they all?” Sanders said. “They all do. You have critics everywhere you go. People who aren’t inside the program try to destroy the program. We stay together and stick together. There is nothing people say or do that can pull us apart. It is all about sticking together and being a family here. That is one thing I learned is being a family here. … I respect [Stewart] because I respect every man. I respect every person, I respect him because he’s my coach. And then I respect him because the things he says is always in a helpful way even if it is good or bad. He is always telling you something that is helpful for you."


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