Stew and Casazza play 'Who's on First?'

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There was an amazing exchange during the Bill Stewart weekly news conference yesterday. By amazing, I mean it was such a confusing ping-pong match, I honestly contemplated standing up and screaming "whaddya askin' me for!" as loudly as I could. It was the stuff of Abbott and Costello, truly.

For your pleasure, I have transcribed the whole thing that revolved around Charleston Daily Mail beat writer Mike Casazza asking a question to Bill Stewart that was making a comparison between Bilal Powell and Noel Devine. Pay special attention to veteran scribe Bob Hertzel interjecting at one point to try to set things straight.



Casazza: Bill, their running back is a little bit ...

Stew: Which their?

Casazza: The other team's.

Stew: Powell or ...

Casazza: Yeah.

Stew: ...Anderson or ...

Casazza: Bilal Powell.

Stew: He's not the only one now, ya'll keep saying Powell.

Casazza: Their guy who is top five in the country.

Stew: He's pretty good.

[audience laughs]

Casazza: Very good. Very quiet, too. A little bit like your guy, too. Doesn't do a lot of interviews and has, despite that, become the face of the offense, the face of the program.

Stew: Hmmm.

Casazza: How does that work, when a guy who would prefer to stay out of the public eye is the guy you put on media guides and really people identify with on the outside looking in. How does that work?

Stew: Well, Mike, I don't know that young man.

Casazza: I am just saying in your situation.

Stew: I see him as a competitor. I think that is a tribute to the kind of young man, to his parental guidance and how he was raised as a young man. He looks to me like he's the heartbeat, so to speak, of that offense and he's tough to bring down. Powell is tough to bring down. That's why they put him back there in the Wildcat; you're going to look up there and see 15 right there taking snaps and say 'oh boy, he comes motion and things.' It is goog for young men, I hope he has a tremendous career except for this Saturday.

Casazza: In your situation though, where a guy like Noel, how does he do it behind closed doors? Behind the locker room doors, but, again we haven't seen him for awhile? I don't want to bring all that up but you see it is two different guys. How do they ....

Stew: I don't know. I don't know the other young man, so ...

Casazza: I'm talking about your guy. No, no your guy.

Stew: I don't know what you mean.

Casazza: There's the team guy, that we hardly see and there is the guy that, well, we hardly see, I guess. But he does something, obviously to be the person everybody looks at, but he doesn't do it out in other areas.

Stew: Which he are you talking about now, Mike? I'm not ...

Bob Hertzel: [interjects, unsolicited] Noel! He's talking about Noel!

Stew: You started off with Powell, but I'm with you now ...

Casazza: [heavy sigh] No, I kept saying 'your guy.' Noel. There are two different of him we see. How does that guy do that?

Stew: You'd have to be in the arena with him. In the weight room, in the locker room, at practice. I mean ... Anyone else? We got time for one more.

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