About that plane that flew over Mountaineer Field ...

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

I've received a few emails from people who are downright upset about that plane that flew over Mountaineer Field on Saturday --- the one with the message trailing it. The message doesn't need repeated, but we all know it wasn't kind to coach Bill Stewart.

Anyhow, in the emails, there seems to be this big mystery about who was responsible for the plane (or at least the banner).

This guy wants some credit for the message. He keeps contacting media members pushing his cause.

Just passing it along to Mountaineer Nation that I got this unsolicited email in my inbox on Sunday night. Take from it what you will; he could be fully responsible, partly responsible, or full of beans. And I will not be writing anything more on this guy than is written here (and, yes, he is the man who came up with those yellow shirts, the money raised from which the MAC refused to accept his donation):



Dear Colin,
My name is Vince Skolny and I have to take some credit for the plane that flew over Mountaineer Field yesterday.
Not the plane itself, but the message. My company markets merchandise with the "Mr. Luck, leave no doubt" slogan and has received a lot of coverage in the Morgantown and West Virginia media.
Vince Skolny
At the end of the email were attached links to past "coverage" that he received from media outlets for his creation of the shirts. Seems to me it is much more about this guy getting his name out than it is the message. Again, I won't be writing anything more on him.

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