Your thoughts on the Jock Sanders claim

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

As I've said before, Jock Sanders is wonderful with the media --- tremendously candid, open and honest. All the time. After West Virginia defeated South Florida, 20-6, the other night, Sanders was matter-of-fact in the following statement:

     "If we score 20 or 21 points, I already know that's a victory in the book."


If you look around the Big East, taking into account what has gone on with some of the other teams -- and then you take into account just how good this West Virginia defense really is -- do you believe this statement to be true from Sanders?

Again, I am a bit on the fence about this, but it could turn out to be accurate.

I'd like your thoughts.

If you are a West Virginia fan, and someone said that this team would score, say, exactly 21 points in each game from here on out, how many of those would be wins?

You tell me.



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