The annotated Bill Stewart news conference 9.21.10 -- By Colin Dunlap

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Here you go with a bit of a deeper meaning into what went down inside the press conference room at the West Virginia University football facility this afternoon, as we investigate some things said by WVU coach Bill Stewart. The following is my interpretation:
What he said (of Brandon Hogan): "I don't know if he will play this week, and I don't know if he won't play this week. If he is to play this week, he will have earned the right to play, according to my standards, and my standards alone."
What it really means: Look for Brandon Hogan to be on a football field in Baton Rouge, La. on Saturday night.

What he said (of Brandon Hogan): "I think we've made a whole lot of it, I think we need to put it to rest."
What it really means: Stewart is reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly tired of talking about Hogan. Like reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly tired of it. And Pat Miller didn't do a great job against Maryland.

What he said: "I am so pleased that the Mountaineers can continue to play the Maryland Terrapins for another four-year extension. We have tried and tried and tried to get neighboring schools, in neighboring states to accommodate the same way."
What it really means: Penn State, Virginia and Virginia Tech won't play a home and home with West Virginia.

What he said: "I don't want to be like a harping parent."
What it really means: Stewart talked about letting that swagger back in the program, and he realizes it isn't a bad thing. He has to stick with that decision and continue to allow these guys to have a looser leash.

What he said (of Saturday's Maryland win): "We closed at the end with a nice long drive to come away with the victory."
What it really means: Ryan Clarke might get the football a little bit more after halftime of games, when teams are worn out.

What he said: "Teams have not been real successful down in Tiger Country. Maybe we'll be a little more successful. ... That's why you play 'em"
What it really means: West Virginia ain't scared.

What he said of Baton Rouge: "I don't look at it as we are going into this terrible situation. You just go down and play ball."
What it really means: Exactly that.

What he said: "You want to get in Bill Stewart's doghouse, you get up and leave class while a professor is talking."
What it really means: That situation has happened in the past ... and someone has run stadium stairs for it.

What he said: "I don't like penalties."
What it really means: Some players ran some stadium steps the last couple days.

What he said (of Pat Lazear): "He's got that bone bruise deep inside, that's what has been the slowdown in this whole progression. We are going to try and play him this week. I don't know that, we will know that Thursday, but he has been running. He ran hard Sunday and did some cutting drills Monday."
What it really means: Don't look for Lazear to play against LSU.

What he said (about Josh Jenkins' injury and subsequent knee scope): "You will know Thursday about Josh."
What it really means: Don't look for Jenkins to play against LSU.

What he said (of LSU's Patrick Peterson): "The guy is the best DB in the country."
What it really means: Geno Smith will throw the ball to the other side of the field, or at the very least always know where Peterson is.

What he said (after longtime scribe Mickey Furfari erroneously asked if Stewart was surprised that the Mountaineers are six-point favorites against LSU): "Mickey, you got the wrong bookie."
What it really means: Really? Come on, Mickey?

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