WVU football Q&A answers 9.15.10

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

The Bill Stewart news conference was very informative on Tuesday -- even with some idiot sitting a few rows in front of me blurting out laughing in the middle of it for some reason (see for yourself at about the 2:06 mark at the link provided).

Anyhow, enough of the nonsense, onto the questions.

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QUESTION: It appears that WVU lacks that intensity that once had. I watched a what looked like a JV football program for the first game and another three quarters with the Marshall game.
Do you think its a lack of swagger or experience or both?

- Shane in Waynesville, Mo.

COLIN DUNLAP: This team has plenty of swagger --- heck, I even wrote about it.There is just one thing, though, and a very serious question that needs raised: With Brandon Hogan not around for the immediate future, who is going to carry the sledgehammer onto the field for the Maryland game?

Here are some odds I put together:

JT Thomas: 2/1

Chris Neild: 4/1

Scooter Berry: 4/1

Noel Devine: 6/1

Jock Sanders: 8/1

Bill Stewart: 45/1

Joe Manchin: 75/1

The Mountaineer: 100/1

Major Harris: 125/1

Tony Caridi: 150/1

Tevita Finau: 300/1

Rich Rodriguez: 350/1

John Holliday: 380/1

Beano Cook: 400/1

Trippe Hale: 475/1

Mickey Furfari: 500/1

Jeremy Kash: 600/1


QUESTION: Who is more ready to take the reigns at corner. Broderick Jenkins or Pat Miller?

- Gus in Brunswick, Md.

CD: I say Jenkins, while other media brethern I trust think Miller. It seems split and neither Bill Stewart or David Lockwood would tip their hand. So, a thought here that very well could come to fruition: Perhaps both guys will play a bit. Still, though, if I had to make a guess, I'd go with Jenkins.


QUESTION: With all the weapons that exist on offense, how different do you think our offense would look/perform if it was being led by an offensive guru such as Chip Kelly? Can most of the offenses struggles and lack of flow be attributed to the poor line play, or is Jeff Mullen not properly utilizing our play-makers to their full potential?

- Jake in Clarksburg, W.Va.

CD: Perhaps I am missing something here. Yes, West Virginia sputtered at times and settled for 3s and not 7s. But are you talking about this struggling, awful, terrible, horrendous, dreadful, atrocious, abhorrent Mountaineers offense that is, um SECOND in the Big East in total offense right now. And the same dire, horrid, disastrous, ghastly Mountaineers offense that TWICE gutted up and went more than 90 yards on drives to win a game on Friday?


QUESTION: What's your view on the possibility of Villanova joining the Big East as a Football member and did Mike Tranghese damage the potential expansion of the Football conference when he invited Marquette and Depaul to join the The Big East as Basketball only members?

- Joey in Clarksburg, W.Va.  

CD: I will just speak to this: If Villanova can quickly get some things into place (its venue, upgrading the infrastructure, funding for 22 more scholarships, Title IX compliance, etc.) it is a great move for the conference. Not a good one; a great one. Having to schedule five non-conference games is an absolute pain, and if a ninth Big East team is added, it means more money for everyone in the conference.



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